How Can I Fashion With My Wedding Jewelry After The Wedding?



Wedding jewelry is special for everyone and a most valuable item than other jewelry. So nobody wants to damage it. Many of you think that you cannot style your wedding jewelry, but you can. How? The wedding jewelry is heavy and way too gorgeous to wear at a casual party. But if you know the tricks and hacks, you can make a new fashion staple. Here we will discuss some hacks and tricks that will help you to fashion with your big jewelry.

Hacks and Tricks to Style with your Wedding Jewelry

A wedding is a big day and on this day everyone wants to look unique and gorgeous. So every bride wears heavy jewelry. After that wedding ceremony, people think that there is no other party or place to wear this heavy item. But you can wear it at the office party, date night with your husband, birthday parties, anniversary, casual hangouts with friends, etc. You know how to wear it properly, you will never miss a chance to wear those precious items. To use any type of those items after your wedding, you must take care of them. You must keep it clean regularly, check the ring sizes, if fits or not, don’t box it for a long time. The jewelry fashion usually depends on what dress you choose to wear for the party. Besides the dress, it also depends on the ceremony and party type. For birthday and office parties, you can wear your engagement rings, wear a casual pendant, or a bracelet. Wear simple diamond earrings, etc. For the wedding, you can wear your all jewelry. But keep one thing in your mind that you are not wearing too much jewelry because it’s also the big day of that other bride. Besides this, how you can wear other jewelry on which occasion, given below,


Tiara is one of the most gorgeous pieces of jewelry. You cannot wear it on every occasion. It can be suitable for an award function, birthday theme party, regular theme party, royal parties, wedding receptions, etc. Don’t wear it at office parties or kids’ birthday parties. 

Large necklace

The large necklace is more suitable for traditional clothes. For cultural weddings and festivals, it is more perfect. You can wear it with a saree, long gown, semi-long outfits, etc. A Golden necklace is more suitable with a lehenga and saree. But a diamond necklace goes with every dress.

Diamond hair clip

Many brides wear diamond hair clips at their weddings. How can you reuse it after your wedding? Well, you can wear it at an office party, with your semi-long or long outfits. It may look over fashioned but you will look different than others. 


The bracelet goes with every type of clothes. But it varies in design. Simple bracelets will go with your office outfits. You can wear it on office days. The gorgeous design is perfect for the wedding ceremony. 


Large earrings are suitable for long gowns and formal party suits. Short earrings go with every casual and occasional dress.

Wear your wedding jewelry by following these hacks.


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