Shopping in Girona North East The country


I am not really a real ‘shopper’ however i’ve come across enough clothes shops and for that reason many generally that people question the number of of these survive. Some statistics Someone stated condition that Girona will get the best volume of shops per mind of population, which may be right. There are many small independent shops to visit searching and childrens clothes particularly aren’t beginning less than within the United kingdom (so my lady tells me).

Ensure to carry additional ID while you shop together with your debit and bank cards, just like your passport or photocard motorists licence. You’ll find requested by having an ID despite signing a till receipt and entering your pin details, when selecting by card.

Necessities such as a good option in your thoughts for:

That old town Rambla, the Mercadal area particularly C/ Santa Clara (runs parallel for that river Onyar), C/Nou along with the roads that radiate from over the Hotel Carlamany.

Also complement C/ Barcelona for your Hotel Melia prior to deciding to achieve the Girocenter also known as Hipercor getting a sizable El Corte Ingles store inside with plentiful undercover parking, a food hall within the basement along with a bar/restaurant on top floor.

A few products to keep in mind in case you enter here obtaining a sizable bag regardless of the sort you will be requested disappear it inside the “Consignia” desk near the entrance/exit free of charge. Just hands the assistant your bag and she’ll offer you a receipt that you simply just hands in inside the same desk for those who have finished shopping to get it. So when you depart the food items hall upstairs obtaining a plastic bag, a enjoyable youthful lady will tape-inside the top, before helping you to walk inside the store.

Girona offers one large modern out-of-town shopping center with extensive vehicle parking known as EspaiGirones in nearby Salt, catch the L2 bus from Girona center or pass taxi. Plenty of stores (130) here like Zara, restaurants, fast-food places and bars, a nine-screen cinema, play position for kids (compensated) along with a bowling alley.

These following huge stores or ‘sheds’ are just across the borders of Girona city, clearly visible whenever you enter GironaSud (south) inside the slip roads however AP7 freeway. Worth searching at when you plan to call home because the prices is great and they’ve a massive choice. Open Monday to Saturday 10am to 10pm. We visited once round the Saturday evening and these shops below were snappy, and parking was difficult, appears like its a typical time for you to shop here. To prevent the crowds try got pointed in the mid-day.

Media Mart

Electricals, PC’s, Peripherals, Camera Models, Domestic appliances, Phones, TV’s, Hi-Fi’s, almost anything you could look at obtaining a plug across the finish out of this! I haven’t observed such a variety of coffee machines on a single shelf!


Interior design products, lighting, DIY, tools, kitchens, bathrooms and outdoors furniture.


Sports gear and ton’s of clothing, bicycles, fishing, treking, wetsuits and even more.


Most shops are open Monday to Saturday from 9am one.30pm then between around 4.30pm tp 8pm. All shops are closed weekly except across the coast, Girona locals normally visit places like Platja de Aro of the 30 min. drive from Girona.

The bigger shops like El Corte Ingles are open from 10am to 10pm, Monday to Saturday. If your’e within August anticipate seeing many smaller sized sizedsized independent shops closed for annual holidays for roughly 2-72 hours.

The Catalan for open is “Obert” and “Tancat” for closed.


“Rebajas” in Spanish and “Rebaixes” in Catalan they begin within the second week in the month from the month of the month of january, immediately after the 3 Leaders festival and take care of inside the finish of Feb. Apparently the first day within the sales inside the Corte Ingles store certainly are a scrum.

Most shops will most likely have another further reduction along with final clearance purchase or “remate”.

Also, the Fira de Girona exhibition halls, alongside Devesa Park host a yearly gigantic clearance purchase of clothes from numerous retailers, for 4 days inside the finish in the month from the month of the month of january.

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