Midi dresses and skirts give a summer vibe, but they also go very well with winter fashion. Yes, it is possible to feel cozy and stylish simultaneously. Read this article further to know how you can style midi dresses and skirts for winter.

Styling Midi Dresses:

These mid-calf dresses are versatile in their patterns, style, and practicality. You can wear midi dresses all year round and to any occasion with suitable styling. Here are some of the options for winter.

Boots and Sleeves:

A full sleeve midi dress, preferably with a turtleneck and floral print paired with knee-high boots, is a perfect way to slay with elegance. This look gives you that perfect mixture of warmth and flair. In a more formal setting, a plain turtleneck midi dress will do the magic.

Accessorizing with Belt:

Adding a simple belt to your midi dress can enhance your style much more than you think. It not only accentuates your shape but gives you a snug-fitting, perfect for winter weather. This look is more suitable for slightly cold conditions as there isn’t much layering.

Jackets on Top:

Turn your midi dress trendy by adding a biker jacket on top of it. Depending on the occasion, you can also opt for a long overcoat, denim coat, or blazer. Any of these paired with comfortable boots completes your winter look. Accessorize with a scarf and belt for a more layered feeling. Visit Dash and Dot website for a cool and perfect jacket for your dress and many more.

Styling Skirts:

Many rarely consider wearing a skirt in winter. Many put them deep in their wardrobe during chilly weather, whether it’s a mini or maxi skirt. But with simple tips below, you can effectively style your skirts for the cold weather. So, go ahead and shop for skirts for women online without any hesitation.

Layering is the Key:

The important aspect in terms of your clothing when you step out in winter is layering. The more layers you wear, the cozier and comfortable it gets. If you are wearing a mini skirt, wear warm tights.

Add a layer of jacket and belt over your outfit. Complete the look with ankle boots. All these help in beating the cold but at the same time gives you a fashionable look.

Pair with Sweater:

Bring together your summer and winter wardrobe for this one. Wear a turtleneck or crew neck pullover sweater on top of your skirt of any length. Tuck it in, and you are good to go out on a chilly day. Select subtle colors like white or beige for formal events.

Mix and Match:

Skirts are more versatile than they seem. You can combine individual elements of your everyday fashion with it and create an apt seasonal look. Pair a maxi skirt with a simple t-shirt. Tuck it in and add a blazer or long overcoat on top of it. The result is a stylish, cozy look.

You can accessorize with a belt for a defined silhouette and also add a scarf for extra layering.

You don’t have to abandon your skirts and midi dresses in winter. All you need are these simple styling tips, and well, cold will never bother you.

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