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Your clothing style depends on the enhancement of your body type. With the right directions, you can determine which clothes are right for you. There are 6 main morphologies from the Clothing Vendors:

  • The morphology in V.
  • The morphology in A.
  • The morphology in X.
  • Morphology in I.
  • The morphology in O.
  • And the morphology in H.

You will understand, each letter corresponds to an idea of ​​your silhouette. Before continuing, let us specify that not all women are necessarily associated with a single figure. And when it comes to fashion, there is no “better” body type than another. Some may have more choice, but it is possible to find satisfaction in all of our collections.

The V Morphology, A Rather Sporty Silhouette

Morphology V to choose your original large size clothes for women. If you have a slightly pronounced build with broad shoulders, your silhouette is close to the V-shaped morphology. For your look, we advise you to harmonize your outfits by taking strong pieces at the bottom, that is to say that they are noticeable visually.

This means pants with patterns (like thick horizontal stripes), or skirts that unfold more. Among the models, we recommend the ruffled skirts and the flared skirts. Since the shoulders are the strongest part of your figure, you can create interesting styles with fitted shirts and loose tops. Prefer a pretty fluid t-shirt to a tank top, which would bring out the shoulders more. Among the original plus size clothes, this colorful dress could suit you.

The A Morphology, A Silhouette With A Small Bust And Pronounced Hips

Morphology A is to choose your original plus size clothes for women. Unlike the V-shaped silhouette, the A morphology must be harmonized and highlight the top. This means tunics and blouses rich in color, and large striped or polka dot patterns. Fitted blouses will compliment you nicely, as well as dresses with off the shoulders and V-necks, ideal for showing off your neck and shoulders. At the bottom, prefer sober pieces that will hug your hips. By working on the top of your outfit, your look will be all the more chic and elegant. A good example of chic plus size clothing is this cotton cropped FA concept. For Wholesale Plus Size Clothing items this is impotant.

The X Morphology, For a Balanced Silhouette

The X silhouette is also referred to as the 8 or hourglass morphology. This is the easiest option for choosing your plus size clothes. As with the previous body types, think about consistency in the outfit: if you have a top that is rich in visuals and details, consider a rather simple bottom, like a plain-colored capri pants. Conversely, a pretty ruffled skirt will go very well with a basic t-shirt. Speaking of plus size basic clothing, we have a white top from JEAN DELFIN that might just hug your figure.

The Morphology I, For Very Thin Women

Morphology I to choose your original plus size clothes for women. For very slender women, it is more interesting to wear clothes that are close to the body rather than trying to add volume at each level. So a nice top that shows off your neck and shoulders will be perfect for your dress style. You can also choose loose tunics but sufficiently tight to the body. For the bottom, combine slim pants or a felt skirt. If you want to add volume, opt for a straight cut dress that will enhance the shoulders and your arms.

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