Wear Peepal Patti Sui – A Traditional Punjabi Hair Clip in Different Ways


Hair Accessories have always been an important part of Punjabi culture. Women used to decorate their hair with flowers, jewels, ribbons, etc. Jewelry like matha Patti, Saggi Phull, and Tikka are commonly known as hair jewelry but here we are going to talk about the special Gold Pipal Patti hair clips. These are traditional lightweight ‘Sui’ (pins) worn usually in pairs.

Earlier, women used to own Pipal Patti hair clips in pure gold metal. Her in-laws or her parents used to give these gold clips as a wedding gift. It was a precious wedding gift at that time. Women used to adore these gold clips and wear them at every traditional function. With time, this beautiful jewelry item just lost its importance.

But nowadays, people are indulging more in old Punjabi Traditional jewelry and want to own these rare traditional items to flaunt them on special occasions. 

5 Ways to Wear Pipal Patti Sui to get a Traditional Look

On either side of Long Braid

For this look, make a long braid by wearing your favorite Paranda. Take two Pipal Patti Clips and put them on either side of the braid. This is the most traditional way to wear these clips. This look can be carried on any occasion where you are wearing some ethnic clothes. The gold color pops out beautifully on your hair.

On one side of your Head

Comb your hair properly. Take a pair of ‘Pipal Patti Sui’ and wear them on one side of your head just as you wear Passa jewelry. For the rest of your hair, you can make a braid or let them stay loose. We also advise you to use some black bobby pins to secure your hair as the grip of these clips is not so promising and bobby pins also secure your clips from sliding on your hair. 

Over a Loose Bun

Make a low and loose bun with your hair. Now take a pair of clips and place them right above your bun. Secure your bun with some pins. If you have a thick bun then you can even put Pipal Patti clips on your bun. This hairstyle is very classy and was famous among royal women. 

To Compliment a Hair Puff

Take the front section of your hair and make a small low puff. Now secure your puff with bobby pins and use pipal Patti clips to cover the pins. For the remaining hair, make a ponytail or a high bun. This was one of the famous 80’s hairstyles and still looks great with some traditional outfits.

Semi-Clipped Lose Hair

Take two strands of hair from either side of your face. Twist and roll each strand towards the center of your head. Secure them with bobby pins and add traditional Gold clips over them. Let the remaining hair down and loose. This hairstyle is very elegant yet modern. 


Styling hair accessories are always fun. You can try different hairstyles and get to know which suits your face shape best. To own these beautiful ‘Pilap Patti Sui’, you don’t need to have them in Gold or other precious metals. You can buy them from imitation jewelry stores like Amazel Designs and create different hairstyles with them. 

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