Capturing memories – Ultimate guide to wedding photo booths


You’ve picked out decor, flowers, and a dress for your dream wedding. But between the dancing, mingling, and toasts, how will you capture the laughter and fun of celebrating with your nearest and dearest? Enter the photo booth. Wedding photo booths create playful memories and mementos of the silly, unscripted hilarity that make a reception, so special. With customized backdrops and props, digital copies to instantly share on social media, and photo strips for guests to take home as favors, a DIY photo booth is a brilliant addition to weddings big and small. Let’s start with why a photo booth will make your wedding reception unforgettable.

  • Capture candid fun – Couples spend months planning unique, personalized decor and details for their big day. So, capturing memories through professional wedding photos is a must. But nothing tells the story of your true celebration and sheer fun like candid photo booth images. They take the pressure off your photographer to be everywhere at once.
  • Entertain guests – Whether it’s 10 or 200 friends and family at your nuptials, hanging out and mingling for hours feels awkward. A DIY photo booth gives guests of all ages something hilarious and engaging to do while socializing and celebrating the happy couple.
  • Personalize for couple style – With limitless backdrops, frame shapes, photo layouts, and digital options, photo booths can complement any wedding theme and aesthetic for a cohesive, stylized look.
  • Fun favors for guests – Let your guests take custom photo strips or prints from your booth home as functional mementos of your wedding day. 
  • Easy logistics – Photo booths happen independently of the reception events, so there’s no extra work for couples. Just set it up in a designated space and guests intuitively know how it works.

Types of photo booths

Don’t think of boring black boxes that squeeze in 4 people. Check out these awesome photo booth options to find one that matches your wedding needs.

  1. Open-air booth – Perfect for more exciting backdrops and not feeling confined in a small space. Their footprints also work in unique venues without built-in photo areas.
  2. Enclosed classic booth – Provides a fun throwback vibe with privacy strips and more options for lighting effects and photo quality control.
  3. Backdrop and props – For flexible spaces, skip the booth and set up a stylized backdrop area with handheld props. 
  4. GIF booth – Along with standard photos, these produce hilarious short videos or GIFs guests can instantly share on social media or texts.
  5. Mobile booth – Contained in a truck, trailer, or van, these photo studios travel to any location for outdoor or low-space weddings. 
  6. Green screen – These innovative booths digitally overlay customized backgrounds behind subjects for magical or exotic-looking photos without elaborate backdrops.

Pick fun props like silly hats, masks, signs, and boas to complement your wedding theme too. The backdrop and props encourage guests to let loose in silly shots worth remembering. customize the Wedding Photo Booth experience with to experience a breeze.

Sharing the photo memories 

An awesome thing about digital photography? Instant online sharing and plugins with cool social media features. Modern wedding photo booths upload every image directly to custom landing pages, so you give guests a web link or QR code to find all their photos after the wedding. Many newer booths also instantly share photos taken directly to guests’ smartphones via email or SMS text message if they opt-in. Some even auto-post to social sites with a custom wedding hashtag. And you’ll receive digital copies of all hilarious photo booth moments too.

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