A Future Bride’s Guide to Diamond Carat Size


Are you hoping to learn more about carat sizes so that you can find the perfect engagement ring for you? Often, people tend to think that the term carat refers to the size of the diamond, when really, it refers to the weight.

To learn more about diamond carats, keep reading. This guide will help you prepare for ring shopping so that you can find the best bling for you.

Diamond Carat: The Basics

It is a common misperception that the larger a diamond’s carat is, the better compared to one of less weight. While a large diamond is often thought to be a status symbol, a diamond’s carat is not related to its sparkel. A sparkly diamond is actually the result of an excellent cut.

Diamonds that have a larger carat weight are cut from crystals that are large and tough, which makes them more difficult to source than smaller crystals. Carat weight will affect the price of a diamond based on the availability or rarity of the stone. Other characteristics, such as color, and other external and internal elements that influence the stone’s clarity will also determine the price of a diamond.

What to Know When Ring Shopping

When ring shopping, there are some things regarding carat that you will want to keep in mind. For instance, to save money, you should shop for carats that are below the whole of half carat marks. This can save you tons of money but the difference will be slight and hardly noticeable.

Rather than focusing on carat when selecting your ring, focus instead on the cut of the diamond. This is the area you should splurge on, as this is what will affect the sparkle of your ring. If the cut is poor, the diamond will appear dull and foggy.

Additionally, a fancy-shaped diamond will be less expensive than the traditional round diamond but will appear larger especially when paired with a halo setting. It’s also important to consider your ring size when shopping, as the smaller the finger, the larger the stone will appear. While carat size has the largest effect on the price of a diamond, it is best to consider cut, clarity, color, and carat to find the best ring for the best price.

Band size will also affect how large the diamond appears. Selecting a thin band will allow your diamond centerpiece to appear larger. Selecting a band with small diamonds around it is a great way to add some extra sparkle to your engagement ring.

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What You Should Know About Carat Sizes

Before you go Diamond Ring from Grandmas Jewelry, it’s best to brush up on the components of a ring that affect its quality and price. While carat is an important factor when selecting a ring, it’s also important to focus on components of a diamond such as cut, color, and clarity to find a ring that perfect for you.

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