Great luxury jewelry choices that will steal the spotlight


There are countless types and styles of jewelry available to us, each with its own charm, helping us adorn ourselves. You have a wide variety to choose from when it comes to designs such as beaded jewelry, wire jewelry and even Nautical theme jewelry. However, some occasions call for luxurious pieces that will become the focal point of your attire, giving you an air of extravagance. Such can be hard to pick, especially when you are just starting out on your fashion journey. Let us guide you through some tips.


Diamonds are bound to be brought up in the talk of luxurious jewelry as it holds a permanent spot in the fashion realm. However, you know what’s better than diamonds? Ethical diamonds! Not only are they completely free of unethical sourcing and extreme mining and labour, but they are also cheaper. To make them even better, IGI and GIA lab grown diamonds are well verified so you can quickly check all their details and purchase them without doubts. They come in the same designs and variety as natural ones, so you have no shortage of choices when it comes to jewelry. Styling diamonds is fairly simple; all you need to keep an eye out for is not to crowd your pieces by pairing them with simpler accessories and sticking to a colour theme.

Gold chains

Gold chains are a staple and can be styled with casual wear to elevate them as well as with your evening dress for dinners. Just throw them on to instantly make your outfit a lot more dressed up and presentable. You can layer them with chains or varying thicknesses or even a gemstone choker to create a harmonious balance. 


Vibrant precious gemstones such as rubies or sapphires are an amazing way to add a pop of colour to your outfit without looking overboard. To make things easier, most gemstones come in multiple colours as well as a wide range of textures. Be careful of pairing more than one bold colour to prevent them from appearing crowded or too mismatched. 


Pearls bring sophistication and maturity to your look, making them perfect choices for wedding events or dinner parties. A simple pearl necklace made of baroque pearls will present you with a slightly natural yet refined look. They are also flattering as bracelets when paired with other gold or silver bracelets.

Now that you have a better understanding, go turn some heads with your fashionable ensemble!

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