Different styles of wedding photographer in Norfolk


As you begin investigating wedding photographers in Norfolk by looking at their work and reading internet reviews, be sure to identify the wedding photography style that you prefer. There are several wedding photography styles to pick from, such as:

  • Photojournalism

It’s all about telling a tale in this wedding photography technique. Rather than planned photographs, the photographer will photograph candid, emotive situations.

  • Wedding Photography in a Natural Setting

Instead of utilizing a flash, many wedding photographers prefer to shoot with natural light. This technique is ideal for weddings held outside. The majority of modern wedding photographs are usually taken around the so-called Golden Hour when the lighting is ideal for producing high-quality shots with a predominance of soft and warm colors. To begin working in this genre, you must first grasp the fundamentals of working with light, shadows, and white balance.

  • Traditional

Traditional wedding photography is more formal and classic, with a lot of set photos.

  • Artwork of Excellence

Dramatic compositions and stylized visuals are the hallmarks of this aesthetic. It’s a more contemporary method that results in photographs that are worthy of framing.

  • Fashion

This is your style of marriage photography if you want photographs focusing on your vestments and that seem like they belong in a magazine. Think about inventive contexts and unique positions.

  • Wedding photography with an editorial bent

This design will appeal to anyone who enjoys following the creative trends of glossy magazines. The creation of fashion-based photographs with high-quality settings and fascinating postures is a part of such wedding photoshoots. You should read popular periodicals from time to time to stay up to date on the latest ideas.

  • Vintage

This picture style makes your wedding pictures feel old school using filters and other approaches.

  • Wedding Portrait Photography

This wedding photography style is primarily used to capture portraits of people on their wedding day. This photography style is defined by a huge quantity of stunning photos that convey genuine feelings as well as a joyful and exciting atmosphere. They might be planned or unplanned. Wedding portraits of high quality are usually the ones that couples admire the most.

  • Wedding Photography in Black and White

Color photographs appeal to certain people, whereas black and white photographs appeal to others. Many photographers convert their color photographs to black and white to mask lighting issues. This is one of the wedding photography styles in which the objects are the major emphasis.

  • Wedding photography for commercial

This is a wedding photography style in which the attention is on certain objects such as the cake, decorations, and flowers. Wedding photography in the commercial world is fairly formal. Photographers that specialize in this field can produce stunning magazine-quality images.

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