Trending Nightie Styles in the UK


Looking for nightwear that is not just comfortable but also stylish and fashionable. After all, who doesn’t want to be presentable in their nightdress. Remember, you are going to be wearing your nightie well into the day as well, making breakfast, sending your kids off to school or maybe even wear it until lunch on a lazy weekend!

So, style is very important indeed! Let’s help you pick a style that will have you looking great in your nightwear.

Victorian nightwear – Like the olden era where nightdresses were always white? Victorian or old fashioned nightdresses will be perfect for you then. These nightdresses are all white and usually have a lot of lacework on them. If lace doesn’t let you sleep well, you might want to avoid it though. This is because lace can be sensitive on some people’s skin, leaving them with an itchy feeling. But, it isn’t a very common complaint and you can certainly give it a shot. A Victorian nightdress is best suited for the middle aged ladies although both younger and older women can pull it off as well. This is easily the most presentable nightie in our list!

Velvet nighties – Velvet nighties are making a comeback. They are perfect for winter months especially. Like how you might already know, velvet is incredibly soft and comforting on the skin. And, they have a very unique fall or the way they drape your skin. If you want a little sensuality into your nightwear, velvet is definitely something to consider!

Silk nightwear – Silk nighties can be very expensive. But, they can be so worth it too! Silk is the only fabric in the world that can both retain heat and also keep you cool. It self-regulates itself to stay at a neutral temperature, giving you a nightie you can wear during summers and winters. Now, when we say silk, we mean real silk. If you buy satin that is commonly sold as silk, you won’t get the thermo regulating benefits that real silk offers. Silk nighties are also the most sensual form of nightwear out there. Even if you don’t wear it everyday, you might want to get one for those special nights!

Nighty slips – Another nighty to amp up the oomph factor when it comes to style and sensuality. Nighty slips are very minimalist in nature. But, they are just perfect for those who want as little fabric covering their skin as they sleep. It’s the next best thing to sleeping in your underwear! Just that it will have you a little warm so you don’t wake up cold in the dead of the night! Slips come in all colours but they are very popular in black, nude or sensual colours like red or pink.

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