How to Plan a Day to Night Oily Skincare Routine


Every skincare lover is in search of a skincare routine that can help them achieve flawless and beautiful skin. A skincare routine is a must for all people who have oily skin, to keep skin problems at bay. The excess oil also tends to make the skin appear dull and tired all day, hence, curating an oily skin care routine is extremely crucial for them. With so much information and products around, it is difficult to know which procedure is best. Taking professional help is a good start for beginners as dermatologists have more knowledge about each skin type.

To know in detail about oily skin and how to tackle the problem, you can click on this link as they have provided in-depth information. People who think they can control oily skin overnight by following a routine are wrong. This takes time, therefore it is important to follow an oily skin care routine consistently to witness rapid results. The first step is to know the correct order of the products and choose ingredients that are specially formulated for oily skin.

Since beginners are the most confused while choosing a skincare routine, here is a detailed guide for oily skin care routine from morning to night for everybody:

Morning Oily Skin care Routine:

Follow CTM

The first step to follow in the morning after waking up is cleansing. The oily skin care routine for the day should start with cleansing with a gentle cleanser for one minute. This needs to be followed by toning and moisturizing. Toning is very important after cleansing as it maintains the skin’s natural ph balance. Oily skin people often skip moisturizing, thinking this will make their skin more oily. Not moisturizing the skin forces the sebaceous glands to secrete more sebum. Hence, one should use a water-based moisturizer that provides hydration and does not feel heavy.

Use a Serum

After finishing off with CTM, people with oily skin may use a tea-tree oil serum or any other serum that helps to fight issues like acne and zits. A Vitamin C serum also works best for oily skin as it penetrates into the deeper layers of skin and tackles the problematic areas. It helps to control the excess oil production throughout the day. Including a serum in the oily skin care routine can transform the look and health of our skin rapidly.

Apply Sunscreen

The last step to follow in the morning is to apply a sunscreen that will protect the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Choose a lightweight and non-comedogenic sunscreen that is not greasy or heavy on the skin.

Night Skincare Routine

Apply Micellar Water

Micellar water with lemon helps to remove makeup without drying the skin or stealing its glow. It is important to start the nighttime oily skin care routine with micellar water to get rid of all the makeup and dirt.

Follow CTM

Follow the same CTM order at night before going to sleep after using micellar water. Instead of using a gentle cleanser, one may use a clay-based cleanser that will help to get rid of the stubborn dirt and oil build-up. You may use the same toner and water-based moisturizer after cleansing the face.


One may exfoliate their face twice a week at night. This helps to remove all the extra dirt that gets accumulated in the deeper layers of our skin. This step needs to be included in the oily skin care routine once or twice a week.

If a person is able to follow all these steps throughout the day, they will be able to tackle oily skin problems effectively. However, choosing the right products makes a lot of difference. Therefore, focusing on that while preparing an oily skin care routine should be the main aim.

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