Celebrate Togetherness With Memorable Bridesmaid Shirts


When is a shirt more than just a shirt? Weddings are a big life change. The best wedding gift of all is a shared experience of togetherness before life in married partnership begins. Bridesmaid shirts make perfect keepsakes because they are small, they won’t break the bank, and they aren’t fragile. If your friend group is international, or if other circumstances keep you apart, your matching bridesmaid shirts, bachelorette party shirts, and wedding favors will bring closeness to your online event.

When one of your girls is getting married, her besties come together for one of the most fun traditions in female friendship—the bachelorette party. Games, karaoke, drinks, dancing, and costumes all play a part in the perfect night. It’s easy to coordinate and keep your group together with themed bachelorette party shirts. The bride needs her own shirt for this event. It can say “Bride” in a cute font, or you can get cuter. “Wife of the Party,” “I Said Yes,” and “My Final Fiesta” might be more fun for her. If your girl is a little bit country, she might like “Boots and Bling Before the Ring,” or “My Last Ride Before Bride.” If she’s a little bit rock ‘n roll, “Bride or Die” or a ring finger shirt might suit her.

There’s plenty of room to get creative with bachelorette party shirts. If it is a group of close friends, “Tribe” or “Squad” might make the perfect t-shirts. There’s an ideal shirt for every friend group. “Bach Shit Cray” is for wild sisterhoods. Destination bachelorette trips call for “Resting Beach Face,” one of several options for beach babes. Custom order your own catchphrase or nicknames printed on t-shirts. No matter what you choose, it can be fun to surprise your bride with these. Go out to a nice dinner. Wear jackets or cardigans over your bachelorette party shirts. Right before dessert, give her a bridal party tote bag with her shirt, a tacky veil and tiara, Mardi Gras beads, and as much light-up jewelry as she will agree to wear. This is an excellent opportunity for everyone to wear a colorful wig. Reveal your team t-shirts while your bride changes, and head out to own the town!

The bachelorette party is far from the only event that begs for a t-shirt. The bride has opportunities to share love and gratitude to her support system. Bridesmaid shirts can make great wedding gifts to the bridal party. A simple champagne toast shirt with a personalized wine glass or tumbler will show your appreciation at a brunch or shower. The day of the wedding, you can pamper your squad with themed bathrobes, especially if you’re all taking turns getting hair and makeup ready. When you expect the party to go all night, wedding gifts of “Bride’s Babes” bridesmaid shirts can give your girls something comfortable to change into after they let their hair down.

What’s on your perfect bridesmaid shirt?

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