SHOO APPAREL; Protective Clothing To Keep You Safe And Healthy


Are you having trouble in adjusting your closet without putting your health in danger during this pandemic period? Shoo apparel protective clothing to keep you safe and healthy has you fully covered. SHOO is a future-oriented clothing company that is trying to change the culture of fashion. Our strong belief of clothing is more than just a style, has driven us to have other perception of clothing as functional and utilitarian as well.


  1. Tops with masks

There are 3 types of tops with masks

  1. SHOO FLY with a removable turtle neck that converts into a face mask on the fly. Has a soft, plushclassic top. Comes in four colors: black, white, navy, and red. Has a wide range of sizes to fit both men and women.
  2. SHOO CROP with a funnel neck that converts into a face mask on the fly. Has extra-long cuffs to protect hands. The Funnel neck can be worn as a hood. Has comfortable ear holes that hold the fabricup as a face mask. Colors available are red faux leather side inset detail and black sequins sideinset detail. Available in size XS-XL.
  3. SHOO SKIN with a detachable turtle neck convertible into a face mask with comfortable ear holes.Also has extra-long cuffs to protect the hands. Has 4 ways to wear: can be worn as a turtle neck, without the neckpiece, as a mask, or a headband.Available sizes XS-XL.

  4. Separate masks

Can be for either men or women. Has different sizes and 7 colors. The seven colors are black, true blue, and sky blue, yellow, red, taupe and heather grey.

SHOO amazing facts

  • Gives assured protection while traveling.
  • Effective against microbes, germs, and bacteria.
  • They are Supper soft with all-natural fabrics.
  • They give everyday comfort that gets better with age.
  • The wears are Breathable and cool for all occasions.

How safe are our products?

Our tops have inbuilt face masks that are stylish. I.e. removable turtleneck style mask or long funnel neck that converts into a mask.

We use quality Italian fabrics made of natural fibers like Microtel and organic cotton.

Our fabric is treated with innovative HEIQ V- Block killing technology. Therefore germs, microbes, and bacteria are destroyed with 30 minutes of contact.

How do I order?

Orders can be made online on the Kickstarter campaign through the process below;

Choose the pledge level for the item you want to pre-order. Your credit card will be charged at the end of the Kickstarter campaign.

After the campaign, you will receive a survey from us that will be when to select your color and size. We must get this back by September 14th.

By the 3rd week of December, you will receive your item(s).

Point to note; by pre-ordering your items during this Kickstarter campaign, you will save money from futureincreased prices and on top of to enjoy free shipping within the United States.


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