Simple ways to make your engagement even more special


One unfortunate reality of proposing in this day and age is that there are very few original ideas left. This is no one’s fault; it is just a simple fact that there are only a finite number of ways that one can be romantic. Probably means you shouldn’t bother trying to come up with something new right?

Wrong! When it comes to the proposal, you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Instead, if you like an idea that’s been done before, why not try to add your own spin to it?

With this in mind, we’ve come up with some of the most popular/well-known proposal ideas and added a little twist to help you make your engagement even more special! Wedding rings at the ready, let’s go!

1. The Restaurant Proposal

It’s easy to understand why this is such a popular idea – many restaurants are designed with romance in mind. Simply find a restaurant with beautiful decor, call ahead to let them know of your plans – proposal sorted. So how can you make this your own?

Twist: Create your own restaurant! Instead of settling for a restaurant that might not be only ok, why not decorate it yourself to make it just right? Find a space that you can decorate yourself – it could even be in your home – and make it as romantic as possible! For the food, hire a private chef or call in a favour from a friend who’s handy in the kitchen. The best part? There are no eyes on you during the big moment, so you can truly enjoy it together!

For decoration ideas, you could theme it to their favourite book, movie, or other passion. Alternatively, place photos throughout your relationship or even receipts kept from years of coffees, lunches, and dates.

2. The Beach Proposal

Beach proposals have become just as popular as beach weddings. It’s no wonder as to why – they are inherently romantic and beautiful places. The sand, the sound of the ocean, it’s a no brainer really. What can you do to make a beach proposal extra special?

Twist: Rather than simply arriving, or bringing a small picnic, take the romance up a notch. You can dice with an arrangement of candles, a bonfire (if safe/legal), a message in the sand or one waiting in a bottle for your partner to discover?

3. The Occasion Proposal

Think of a special day of the year – a birthday, New Year’s Eve, Christmas, Valentine’s day, your anniversary. These days, along with others, are very popular for proposals. However, all of them can come under the scrutiny of being a ‘two birds, one stone’ move.

Twist: Create your own occasion in your partner’s honour! Do so under the guise of celebrating them and their interests, invite as many others as you like, and drop drown on one knee during the festivities!

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