How to Wear Brown Shoes with a Grey Suit


It’s easy to keep things simple with a pair of black dress shoes when it comes to suits. Brown shoes, on the other hand, are a simple way to dress up your outfit and are a smart alternative to black for less formal situations. A traditional brown shoe, whether wingtip or oxford, is just as important as the black shoe that every guy should own. Its well worth the money to spend in a decent pair because they’ll last for years and the quality of your grey suit brown shoes canmake you feel elegant.

Suiting Suggestions for Brown Shoes

Brown shoes come in a number of colors, ranging from light tan to rich oxblood, and selecting the appropriate pair for your suit requires some expertise. Here’s how to wear a suit with brown shoes 4-1-1:

There will be no formal events.

Brown shoes are less formal than black shoes in general. For more informal events, such as an outdoor wedding or a routine day at the office, stick with black shoes for formal occasions and brown shoes for more casual ones.

Shoe design.

The style of your shoe will either dress up or down your ensemble. Keep it basic with a simple shoe without too many embellishments to achieve a formal look. Make sure your shoes are clean and polished, that the soles aren’t too thick, and that you never, ever wear a square or too pointed toe. Brogues and tassel loafers, for example, should be saved for less formal events. This style provides your outfit a more laid-back feel.

Combine with a belt.

Your belt should complement the color of your shoes. There are exceptions (such as when wearing emerald green or blue shoes), but it’s best to follow this guideline in general. Stick to the same color scheme for a wedding. Stick to the basics for a wedding.

Keep in mind that your wedding images will last a lifetime.

Avoid trends and comments that may appear to be a good idea now but may be disastrous in ten years.

Brown Shoes, Grey Suit

While black shoes are the most common choice for a grey suit, brown shoes may help to balance out your ensemble and add flair. The most adaptable suit is light grey, which may be worn with either light brown or dark brown shoes. Brown shoes in deeper colors go well with a mid-grey or charcoal suit.

Brown Shoes, Charcoal Suit

Grey suits are more adaptable than charcoal suits.Light brown or tan shoes are too casual for charcoal suits, while darker brown tones may appear as though you’re attempting but failing to match the color of your suit.While black shoes with a charcoal suit are the safest pick, brown shoes in a dark tint, such as oxblood, can appear attractive.These traditional oxfords with a deep, dark brown shade will elevate any charcoal suit.These are smooth and sophisticated, and they’ll look just as well at a wedding as they will in the office.Pair your classic black suit with brown shoes like this burgundy loafer for an unexpected twist.


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