How Can You Determine Your Jewelry Size?


Selecting your jewelry is very crucial if you are thinking of choosing the perfect one for looking good. There are other things to consider such as the price, whether it matches with your outfit, whether you are at the right place for purchasing and finally the size of your jewelry.

When it comes to the size of your jewelry, there are certain things to be taken into account while you are measuring your size. These factors include the type of jewelry you have chosen and the distance of taking the measurement.

Out of all the jewelries, rings are the common types of jewelries that are needs the right size and measurement. You can measure your ring size by using a paper, string and a ruler. First of all, wrap the string around your finger. Next, mark the point that meets with the pen. Then, measure the string with the ruler. Finally, pick the closest measurement from the ring charts. Ring size chart is also available when you are purchasing from online as well. The chart comes in handy when you have an idea of your closest finger size. You can even contact any experts when you are in the store or purchasing from online if you are getting confused regarding the size.

The other kind of jewelry that needs a measurement is a chain or necklace. For measuring the length of a chain, you need to wrap a tape around your neck, by keeping it parallel to the floor. After that, add a few more to the length of your chain so that you are able to note down the minimum requirement of your chain. Like the ring charts, there are charts for the necklaces or chains as well, for your ease. Consult any experts if you are confused regarding the length.

The tips mentioned above will be helpful for you to choose your jewelry according to your perfect size. Furthermore, there are many options for you to choose from either platinum or white gold, diamond or pearl and many more. Put the other factors as well when you are looking out for your desired jewelry. Finally, try to purchase those accessories that are a mix of everything like trendy, antique or modern jewelries.

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