Seven shirts every women’s wardrobe should have


We all want to be our dapper best and elevate our fashion game! Women can pull off shirts as effortlessly as they can pull off a one-piece. Working women often go to business conclaves, office meetings, and conferences. Being well dressed on such occasions is crucial as the outfit you wear speaks volumes about your personality. There are several types of shirts for women. A woman should try to revamp her closet and invest in the latest fashion. Each shirt has its style, and it is impressive in itself.

Following are seven different types of shirts for women-

  • Ruffle front shirts

You should go for ruffle-front shirts if you have a thing for frills. They are the perfect way to make a style statement if you are bored with wearing your formal blouse. A ruffled shirt gives you a bold and beautiful look combined with a pair of cropped flared trousers. These shirts are also called pirate or poet shirts.

  • Check shirts for women.

The check shirt trend in women is so popular that it has been a typical fashion statement for decades and never goes out of style. Check shirts are also called flannel shirts. Women can also match it over a plain t-shirt and use the check shirt as a jacket. The crisscrossed grid lines stand out entirely and are popular even now! These are one of the best types of shirts for women.

  • Puffed sleeved shirt

If you are a fan of subtle and minimalist style shirts, you can go for a puffed-sleeved shirt. The sleeves of this shirt are gathered at the shoulders for creating an inflated and puffy effect. They are also available in solid and patterned designs. You can opt for either depending on the look you want to sport.

  • V-neck, no collar shirt

This is the type of shirt which easily passes as a blouse. This shirt is a modern blend of subtle and classic. Many women also wear a rounded penny collar that gives them a more relaxed look. A spread collar shirt is also fashionable as the collar points are roughly the same length as a point collar.

  • Sweatshirt

Winters are nearing, and many women are on the lookout for a shirt that is a blend of fashion and comfort. A sweatshirt is made from cotton and fleece, and it will keep you cozy. There is a massive difference between a sweater and a sweatshirt, as a sweatshirt is made with heavy cotton, and a sweater is mostly knitted. Sweatshirts may or may not have a hoodie.

  • Frill shirt

This shirt is a fancy shirt that has ruffles or frills. These are provided with something intended to increase their beauty or distinction. They have a voluminous design and an eye-catching silhouette. They are one of the various types of shirts for women.

  • Printed crop shirt

The main purpose of wearing a crop top is to make the midriff area look amazing. Crop shirts have become a fashion statement, and they have been around for a long time now. However, printed crop shirts take away the attention as they are a blend of classy and fabulous! 

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