Do You Want to Extend Your Sneaker’s Lifespan? Here Are Some Caring Tips


Sneakers like Nike Dunk University Red don’t come with a cheap price tag. So, once someone purchases them, their only intention is to make the pair last forever. 

But again, shoes don’t necessarily stay clean and perfect looking forever, given they are worn on feet and tend to touch the ground more often than any other accessory. 

So, it is certainly hard to keep the sneakers looking perfect forever, but that doesn’t mean you cannot try. In this article, we will discuss some tried and tested tricks to care for the sneakers and eventually extend their lifespan. 

1- Brush them up

The first step of caring for your sneakers includes brushing the shoes regularly to make them look fresh. Ensure to use a soft-bristle brush over the entirety of the shoe’s outsides. In this way, you can quickly get rid of any dirt clinging to the shoe. 

Keep in mind choosing the right brush is important. For instance, if your sneakers have suede parts, ensure to use a proper suede brush. 

2- Wipe them down

Invest in a few microfiber towels to wipe the sneakers down correctly. So, you can eliminate any scuffs from the shoes. 

It is best to avoid any J-cloth because it may not be as effective as the microfiber cloth. 

3- Don’t forget the laces

Typically, purchase a new pair of laces to make the entire shoes look fresher and more unique, but you can always opt to clean the shoelaces manually. 

Soak the laces in a mixture of liquid soap and water for a few minutes, and then use a brush to scrape off any stains and dirt. 

4- Clean them regularly 

No matter how tight your schedule is, if you want your sneakers to last, then you must follow a cleaning ritual regularly. 

Keep a stack of shoe cleaning products and supplies, so you don’t run out of them when required. Deep cleaning can be done based on the appearance of the shoes, but ensure to do a wipe and brush the shoes regularly. 

5- Store them properly

Lastly, don’t forget to store your shoes properly. It is best to keep the sneakers dry, clean, and laced up, so they stay fresh. 

You can even wrap the shoes in acid-free tissue paper before placing them in their box for added care and maintenance. 

Final thought

Don’t let the stress of keeping your Nike Dunk University Red perfect forever rob you of the happiness of owning them. Instead, use the tips suggested above to ensure they stay maintained and well-cared for an extended time. 

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