Combine your Camouflage Leggings with Best Top Wear for Lean and Boyish Look


Camouflage clothing is no longer applicable for only hunters who go out in the wilderness. The ragged camouflage appearance has become a fashion statement with men, women, and kids. Earlier women who wanted to wear camouflage trousers or leggings had to buy from the men’s section in a retail outlet. However, now various stores carry camo leggings, lounge pants, zip-off pants, racing camouflage pants, and tops that women adore.

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Camouflage Leggings Styling Tips

Styling camo leggings with other apparel is not difficult. You can wear them with your boyfriend’s oversize white shirt or with a hoodie sweatshirt. As long as you have the right outfit camouflage leggings can go smoothly with any of it.

We have some camo legging outfit ideas that can help you in looking lean and boyish at the same time –

  • At the beginning of the fall season wear your camo leggings with a boat neck fit sweater. Pair them with ballet heels to look stylish.
  • Nothing is as comfortable as a camo legging and leather jacket along with black boots while going out for a long trip.
  • For a sporty look, combine camo leggings with a sweatshirt and sneakers. It is a perfect attire to go bowling during a friend’s outing.
  • Combine your camo leggings with bomber jackets or long knit cardigans. If you are wearing a bomber jacket, then go with ankle boots, and grey knit sweaters look perfect with mid-calf boots.
  • Ever thought of wearing a long overcoat with a scarf wrap around the neck with camouflage leggings? Try it if you want a stylish layer that makes you attractive.

There are endless ways of wearing camouflage leggings with various top-wear and footwear. Open your wardrobe and start pairing them with all your top wears to see which looks best on you.

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