5 Trending minimalistic jewelry styles worth owning now!


The right accessories can transform your look and outfit. Jewelry pieces, for many, are more than just accessories. The right ones can be investments for your lifetime, and for generations to come. Besides new jewelry, there are also estate pieces, which are sold in Canada by selected brands like Atelier Lou jewelry store, which are priced beyond the standard cost. In this post, we are discussing some of the minimalistic jewelry styles that are worth splurging on. 

  1.  Gemstone bands

Regardless of whether you are looking for a wedding band, or something to wear on a regular basis, gemstone bands are in trend. From the classic diamond bands that are great for engagements and proposals, to more unique options like sapphire and ruby bands, there are too many styles to choose from. If you are not a fan of solitaires, this could be a perfect replacement. 

  1. Diamond studs

Talk of minimalistic jewelry styles, and you have simple diamond studs that are just perfect and always in vogue. Whether you are heading for a meeting, or want something special for a date, this could be a good pick. The price, of course, depends on the size and type of diamond. In case of diamonds, four things matter – cut, clarity, color, and carat, and don’t forget to check if the diamonds are certified. 

  1. Layered neckpieces

Wearing a set of chains with small pendants and charms, layered in different sizes, could be a nice way to show your jewelry. There are numerous styles and pendants to choose from – Simple ones that have semi-precious gemstones, to diamond pendants in different sizes, layering is the new trend on the block. 

  1. Contemporary shapes

Many jewelry stores also have a wide range of minimal but contemporary designs. Think of a simple bar for an earring, or something like evil’s eye design for a pendant. You can also find products that refer to certain zodiac signs and other symbols. The idea is to go for simple designs that have a deeper meaning. 

  1. Solitaire rings

Lastly, solitaires deserve a special place on this list. While solitaire rings are not very innovative in terms of design, but the minimal look, incredible timeless appeal make these worth the money spent. If you would want to buy jewelry for the love of diamonds, this one should be an ideal pick. 

Check online stores now to find more minimalistic jewelry styles. 

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