Why I Have a Lot of ‘Perfect’ T-shirts in My Closet


My wife and I were out shopping last weekend. We were not necessarily looking for new clothing, but we wandered by the men’s department where I stopped to look at a few t-shirts. We were only there for a few minutes, but I swear I heard my wife say multiple times, “That t-shirt would be perfect for you!” It turns out I have a lot of ‘perfect’ t-shirts in my closet.

I love t-shirts. Crewneck sweatshirts take a close second. Why? Because I also love comfort. There is nothing quite as comfortable on a hot, summer day as a loosely fitting t-shirt. A sweatshirt is equally comfortable on those cooler days when I need more insulation. Where comfort is concerned, no other shirt types compare.

The thing about finding the perfect t-shirt is that it is impossible to define. I could find the perfect t-shirt today, then find another perfect one tomorrow. They cannot all be perfect, can they? I suppose that depends on your perspective.

  • Long Live Rock & Roll

I learned to play the guitar when I was nine years old. I am now in my fifties. Over the last four decades, I have been privileged to play in quite a few bands. I have played everything from country to blues to golden-age rock & roll. Would you be surprised that my t-shirt collection reflects that?

I have my Dead Head shirt. I have a couple of shirts with the ELO logo on them. Even the Guess Who, the Four Seasons, and Foreigner grace my closet. Every one of those shirts is perfect in its own way. Whether or not I choose to wear one usually depends on my mood.

  • Win One for the Gipper

Am I eclectic? You could say that. In addition to being a musician, I am a big sports fan. Football was my gig back in my 20s and 30s. These days, I am more inclined to give my attention to baseball. So yes, my closet includes a selection of t-shirts devoted to my favorite MLB team. I did have some football shirts for a while. They have long since worn out and been turned into rags.

  • So Many Choices

I guess the point I am trying to make is that there are so many choices that it’s really hard to define what the perfect t-shirt looks like. If you are into LatinX culture and heritage, there are plenty of great Latinx t-shirts and hoodie options from the Plurawl brand. If you are into anime, there is no shortage of t-shirt sellers with the digs you’ll love.

Sci-fi fans can get t-shirts emblazoned with images from their favorite TV shows and films. Likewise for fans of the horror genre. Basically, anything that’s big in pop culture probably has a t-shirt or ten relating to it. Take your pick. It is all out there.

  • Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

The thing about pop culture is that it’s here today and gone tomorrow. Something could be extremely popular this week but be next week’s old news. But a t-shirt preserves it for all time. Just look in my closet. The Grateful Dead are no longer making music. But their memory will live on in so many t-shirts that show their name and image.

Now you know why I have so many perfect t-shirts. They are all perfect in their own way. I am okay with that. If nothing else, I don’t think I will ever run out of t-shirts to wear. I seem to buy them faster than I send the old ones to the rag pile.

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