5 ways how you can style your outfit with kolhapuri chappal



Men sometimes are lazy and slip their feet into flip-flops and head out. We agree flip-flops are comfortable and very hassle-free free, especially during times when you’re running late. But let’s be honest, flip-flops cannot be worn with every outfit you own. 

Did you know that people subconsciously notice your footwear when they first meet you? If that’s the case, you should wear footwear matching your outfits. For example, gym shoes and flip-flops are easy to wear but can’t be coordinated with all your looks. However, if you are looking forward to buying the ultimate footwear which will complement your formal, semi-casual and even ethnic looks, you can shop for kolhapuri chappal men

Believe it or not, kolhapuri chappal men are the OG in footwear. This footwear has been trending for ages, and we assure you that they’re here to stay. This classic footwear is ideal for pairing with formal and ethnic wear. 

This festive season gear up to put your best foot forward by slipping into these amazing kolhapuri chappal men. If you don’t have the time to visit an offline store to buy footwear, you can shop for kolhapuri chappal men online. 

Check out these fantastic ways you can style kolhapuri chappal men and complete your dapper look.

  • The lowkey ethnic look: The best ethnic look that men can carry comfortably is a simple kurta and a pyjama. Whether you’re attending a puja or a small event, you can pair this classic combo with your Kolhapuri chappals. They look great, and let’s not forget about the kind of comfort they offer too. 
  • Go desi all the way: If you plan to don a complete desi look, such as a kurta and dhoti, kolhapuri chappal men are the only ideal choice to complete your look. It is best to opt for traditional Kolhapuri chappals in light brown, and we bet you will be blowing your minds with your typical yet stylish desi look. 
  • Go the formal way: Who said you couldn’t wear traditional flats such as Kolhapuris with your formal wear? If your shoes make your feet sweaty, ditch them for Kolhapuris, which you can style with your formals. A black shirt neatly tucked into your beige or grey pants will look ideal when you pair them with black or tan kolhapuri chappal men.
  • Go easy with the jeans: If you are bold enough to bend the fashion rules slightly, pair your distressed jeans with a nice T-shirt and Kolhapuri chappals. The best part about these casual looks is that you can experiment with your choice by opting for quirky colours in Kolhapuris, such as yellow, blue or olive. 
  • Keep it light in shorts: If you’re all set to embark upon a holiday and look dapper in shorts, a shirt and a straw hat, round off your look with Kolhapuri chappals. This offbeat fashionable look will earn you praise like never before.

Get yourself the best kolhapuri chappal men and transform your style in multiple ways.

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