4 ways how you can dress up like a Princess!


I dreamed of multiple ball gowns in my wardrobe when I felt like a princess. But, unfortunately, there can be no other impactful outfit than a few ball gowns to look like a princess. Not because I need the money to buy ball gowns, but because they need to be more significant for my small closet! 

What it takes to dress up like a Princess includes quite a few things. First, the outfit has to be worn. The etiquette has to be matched to the princesses, the makeup has to be subtle, and the jewellery has to be of that era, not gold but diamonds and more. Adding one of the following elements, you can look like a Princess whenever you want.

We have made a list of 4 elements that will help you look like a Princess. Let us have a look!

  1. Choose the springtime look.

Short ball gowns and headbands are only seen on a few real-life princesses outside the village. People are coming to understand princesses are elegant. Keep your assets covered, and think of Grace Kelly, Princess Diana, and Kate Middleton as examples. Don’t wear miniskirts or dresses with a shallow neckline because they aren’t casual. Lace, wrap dresses, and dresses with sailor necklines are good options.

  1. Put on a ball gown

In multiple ball gowns, nearly every real or fictional princess has dazzled her court. This may be the most princess-like outfit you can wear. Select the dress in accordance with the princess you choose.

Cinderella wore the iconic glass slippers, a matching headband, and a blue ball gown.

With matching ribbon in her hair and bright red lips, Belle wore a sunshine yellow gown. You might be able to find something similar at a second-hand or costume shop.

You should consider making your costume to personalise the ball gowns.

  1. Keep the accessories in mind.

With these little extras, your costume will stand out and become more believable. For instance, if you don’t wear a tiara or crown, how will anyone know that you are a princess? People will begin to bow in your presence as soon as they see the sparkling headpiece.

A wand and gloves will only enhance your appearance. So track down these things to supplement the gathering.

Find the ideal pair of shoes, such as Snow White’s black patent leather shoes or Cinderella’s glass slippers.

A bow and arrow are necessary if you want to portray Merida.

A cute antenna headband is required for dressing as Princess Bala.


  1. Make one feature better.

This is standard fashion advice, but it should be followed by anyone who wants to look like a princess. A princess does not try to draw attention to herself. Instead, she lets her clothes flatter others, drawing attention to herself. Try enhancing a unique feature, like your back. The well-known formal dress Princess Diana wore was conservative in the front but open in the back.

Try these tips as mentioned above and look like a Princess!

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