What is Fit-Bed, and how does it benefit the body?


Beauty treatments and regimes have evolved with technology. Technology has given a modern twist to many centuries-old beauty therapies and made it more effective and convenient. Cocoon Wellness Pro offered at cocoon salon Virginia Beach is one such treatment that is a blend of thermal energy, massage, and aromatherapy. Cocoon Wellness Pro offers an ultimate detox experience to the users and is perfect for revitalizing the body, mind, and soul. Cocoon detox therapy is known by many names like Cocoon Pod, Slim Capsule, and Fit-Bed.

Once you enter the Cocoon pod, you will have a sensation of ultimate relaxation and detoxification. So, how does a cocoon pod work?

The cocoon pod system is designed for offering complete relaxation to the body. The cocoon pod was installed with an infrared multisensory sauna and dual dry heat system. The pod uses a combination of dry and infrared heat, vibratory massage, salt air, and aromatherapy for a holistic experience.

Besides offering relaxation and detoxification benefits, fit-beds are ideal for hyperthermic fitness. Given how effective ‘Fit-Bed’ is for intensive training and exercise, Cocoon Wellness Pods are available at fitness centers and tanning salons in Virginia Beach.

In ‘Fit-Bed’ dry heat sauna, one can soak the goodness of infrared heating and vibratory massage while working out. If you are looking for an effective and fast alternative for slimming and toning, ‘Fit-Bed’ is perfect for you.

How does it work?

The various elements used in Cocoon Wellness Pod create hyperthermic conditioning inside the pod that effectively develops muscle strength. The user can tone their muscles while burning the calories.

Since ‘Fit-Bed’ is a training system, one can perform exercise inside the cocoon pod. The user is made to lie on the massage bed inside the pod. The pod has a passage for the cold air that lightly flows on the person’s face. The air is mixed with aromatic salt that allows one to stay refreshed throughout the session. The bed is massagers installed on them that offers light and gentle vibration to the body.

Unlike Cocoon Wellness Pod, the ‘Fit-Bed’ has stretch bands attached at the foot of the bed. The user has to hold and stretch the band. You can perform simple stretch band arm exercises or follow the instructions given by the trainer.

How does ‘Fit-Bed’ help in fitness?

Cocoon Wellness Pod offers a holistic beauty and wellness experience to the users. Adding a fitness feature to the detox pod further enhances its effect.

If you are eyeing to shed some fat from your body or kick-start your winter fitness goal, you should try ‘Fit-Bed.’ The system can help you with;

Weight loss goals: In ‘Fit-Bed,’ the cocoon pod system is coupled with Fit-Stretch bands that further helps one lose weight. You can perform easy workouts inside the cocoon pod without feeling the heat of a sauna.

Boost endurance: The dual heat system inside the cocoon pod creates a hyperthermic environment inside the ‘Fit-Bed’ that doesn’t make one feel exhausted. One can perform stretching exercises while indulging in vibratory massage and aromatherapy sessions.

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