4 Different Hairstyles You Can Wear With Hair Extensions

4 Different Hairstyles You Can Wear With Hair Extensions

Whether you’re dealing in 100% virgin hair or virgin hair extensions from Harlem Hair Company, you can transform your  look with classy hairstyles. It’s just a matter of learning some easy tricks. And you’ll master the art of great hairstyles that makes it harder for people to notice you’re wearing hair extensions. Interestingly, you can have different hairstyles regardless of the extension used – weave hair, tape-ins, clip-ins the list is long. Let’s get started.

Ponytail Hair Style

hair extensions Ponytail Hairstyle

This hairstyle is the simplest that can be worn with weave hair, and it’s almost effortless to create. A pony hairstyle involves stroking the hair backward away from the face and securing it at specific parts of the head with either a clip or a hairband. The hair is then allowed to fall freely, resulting in a fancy-looking ponytail. The best part is that you can come up with different looks with this style. Depending on your preferences, you can do a high ponytail (stroking and securing the hair at the exact mid-head) for a sporty look. Also, you can do a mid ponytail (near the back of the head) for a casual look, and lastly, a low ponytail (gathering and tying hair at the lower end of the head) for a sleeker look.

Bubble Braids

hair extensions Bubble Braids

Bubble braids are simple yet stylish and can add glamour to your look. When designing bubble braids, you first create the pony hairstyle. The difference comes in when you use several hairbands to divide the ponytail into bubble-shaped hair chunks. Also, you can use your fingers to gently pull the hair between one hairband and the other to loosen or tighten for the best bubble shapes. However, ensure the point of attachment of the extensions remains hidden for the best hairstyle and look.

Half-Up Top Knot Style

hair extensions Half-Up Top Knot Style

The half-up top knot is another rocking hairstyle you can use when wearing hair extensions. To make this hairstyle, start by washing your hair using shampoo and hair spray to add a bit of texture. Secondly, you need to straighten or curl the hair (depending on what you want). After this step, use a comb to do some sectioning (or use your hands) to separate the hair that will form the knot (top hair) from the ones that will stay down. Twist and wrap the top hair to create a bun-like or knot-like hair chunk and then secure it using a bobby pin. For a bigger and appealing top knot style, you can loosen the hair bun or hair knot.

Beach Waves

Hair Extensions Beach Waves

Beach waves are a go-to hairstyle since they can bring out the beauty of almost everyone. More importantly, they blend well with extensions to maintain a spectacular natural look.This style makes the hair wavy. To accomplish this style, equip yourself with a straightener and curling iron or wand. Begin by spraying the hair and brushing through. Then, wrap the hair (from mid-ear) around a curling iron to create imperfect and messy curls, which describe the best beach waves. Leave one or two inches of hair unstyled at the end for a more awe-inspiring look.

Amazing hairstyles in your hair store are a magnet that keeps attracting clients back, now and then. Of course, your customers want to dazzle with brilliant hairstyles, and if you can give them that, they’ll have no problem returning when in need.

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