Now Enhance your Beauty Digitally using your Photo Editing Skills


With the shift in advancement of technology and the availability of smartphones, smart devices, ipads & apps you don’t need a professional photographer and video editor for your photos or videos. Without spending a lot of money you can simply download the app which can help you to do the same process within a single click and with minimum cost. Today there are a lot of apps that can help you to edit the photos, take better selfies, edit videos, add beauty effects without using the complicated software.

Almost all of the younger generation is all about social media and how we actually look good online and how we enhance our pictures and videos, and along with this enhancement how do we even make an impression on various social media platforms. It is an era of digitally achieving beauty through a trending camera filter and different effects. So many platforms out there. For example, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and so many others and all these platforms allow the users to put up their images and create something fun with them for example: a dog face filter, a color-changing filter, a voice-changing filter, and a lot more. It is all about the trending, with every new trend comes a new kind of filter and then the entire audience is hooked onto it as a new trend. B612 is one such app that allows you to make these kinds of images by adding these funky features and share with your friends and move around with the current trend.

An Editing Tool:


The B612 app is not only focused on creating collages and making filter images but it also is useful when it comes to photo as well as video editing and not just some minor changes or effects you can go completely professional with this app and the results will be absolutely mindblowing. You will also receive access to a complete studio feature with multiple video templates and many other trending layouts and features. You can create an entire right from scratch and you can also edit an existing video and work on enhancing the current video itself using the numerous different effects. Adjust the sizes of the pictures and the videos, make them fit into your desired dimension according to your choice of platform be it Instagram or Youtube. Create your best work and let the world know about your talent and the B612 app will be the all in one solution for all of your camera and your editing needs.

This app is also very well known for the beauty makeup camera filter where it enhances your beauty in the photo using virtual makeup filters and makes it look real. Select the best makeup styles for the different features, make corrections on the photo by using the makeup filters and create a perfect selfie for your next upload on the internet.

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