Styles tips for Men to Dress in Indian wear for the different occasion


There are already too many regulations in life. Some, on the other hand, are there to assist. The principles that govern how to dress well, for example. Of course, any man or woman with an opinion on such matters speaks from personal experience – and what works for one person may not always work for another; yet, when it comes to clothing, they must always be regarded at face value. And excellent advice is never to be scoffed at, and as Indian menswear gets richer and varied, more experimental and bountiful, more trend-aware, having a valuable fall-back stance that cuts through the clutter may aid in moments of perplexity and self-doubt. So, here comes the exclusive styling advice which you can use with the different traditional wear.

  • Styling the traditional kurta pyjama — The most common traditional dress for men is the regular kurta pyjama. You can wear them on all occasions with different add-ons like broaches, kurta jackets, pagdis, etc. The colours in these are incredible and you can pick different variants of them on distinct occasions. Like, the typical all-white kurta pyjamas are ideal for formal events. You can wear the vibrant hues of kurta pyjamas with colourful jackets for your festivals and portray a rocking personality in traditional wear.
  • Sherwanis – Sherwani is a must to talk about the subject when we consider the traditional dress for men. If you style it perfectly, it will enhance your appearance for any occasion. Be it as a groom, a guest or during formal parties, a sherwani never goes wrong in fine colours of gold, maroon, and red and white. To give a sherwani a fashionable and unique style, match it with slender pants, leggings, churidars, or even a dhoti. Sherwanis, the dhoti design, are still popular these days. When coupled with a dupatta or stole, the sherwani takes on a captivating appearance. Make sure your dupatta is the same colour as your bottoms. You’ll be spoilt for choice with turbans featuring patterns, pleats, plumes, feathers, and other decorations.
  • Nehru or kurta jackets in style — Nehru jackets, a new style, are simplistic and always make a statement. It’s simple to put together and a lot of fun to do. The Nehru jacket’s appeal is that it may be worn for any occasion. If you’re tired of the traditional long men’s kurta style, try pairing it with a contrasting coloured Nehru jacket, and you’ll be ready to steal the show. Pick up your sherwani and combine it with a front-button Nehru jacket. The Nehru jacket will give your Sherwani an unfathomable flavour. Make sure, nevertheless, that the colours of your sherwani and Nehru Jacket complement one another. You can either wear these for a festive look, as a guest in a wedding or even as a groom for a small reception.
  • Dhotis are powerful too — Dhotis have undergone a massive transformation to become the renowned readymade dhoti of today. Men’s dhotis have evolved over time and have become fashionable among men of all ages. It’s a sure-fire method to make a fashionable statement at any event, from weddings to festivals. Make this your weapon to own the occasion, whether it’s a formal or casual gathering. Although a dhoti would appear complete with only a kurta or sherwani on top, adding a jacket to the mix will undoubtedly boost the outfit’s appeal.

The traditional dress of men has unique charm and grace that always shows off when styled and worn on various occasions. So, if you want a no-secret rule to own any party, you know how to do it.

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