Great Gifts Your Man Will Appreciate, No Matter What He’s Into


The season of celebrating love is here, and so is the season of expressing appreciation through lovingly and thoughtfully chosen gifts! 

In India, where there are countless festivals celebrating siblings’ and parents’ bonds, Valentine’s day is one of the very few occasions where we get to celebrate our partners. And with Feb 14th only a couple of weeks away, it’s time to start the quite lengthy process of combing through gifting stores.

Though there’s no denying that the best presents are the ones that have sentimental value or things that he’s into. But between those items and the valentine’s staples like chocolates in heart-shaped boxes, coated strawberries, and roses, there are specific other gifting options that you can never go wrong with. He needs things in his day-to-day life and things that he will appreciate. 

Keep scrolling for a list we have made of four such items so that you don’t have to do all the rummaging alone:

  • Belts

Do you think your partner has a lot of belts? He (and we) will vehemently disagree. One can never have enough of these timeless, ageless, classy men’s accessories! To make sure that it’s a complete package, including pin buckle light brown belt for the khakis, a smart-looking black or dark brown for his formal attires, and also a navy or maroon-colored one for the more fun outfits!

  • Handkerchiefs

This isn’t talked about a lot, but the struggle to find a good, absorbent hanky of the perfect size is real- and there’s no doubt that your man has gone through it too. A simple yet sophisticated set of kerchiefs in light, neutral colors to go with their formals as well as casual wear will surely make their day! 

  • Men Wallets

The most certain gifting item of them all, Men Wallets, are helpful, chic, and an unskippable part of many men’s outfits. Above all that, it’s the part of their style that they are most attached to. Buy Men Wallets in his favorite bifold, trifold, or clip closures- in brown, black, or navy leathers- with enough compartments to fit all his cards, coins, and cash and watch him gush about it for weeks! If you want to add a personal touch to it, a small copy of yours and his picture slipped into the transparent pocket will do the trick.

  • Shoes 

Shoes are an integral and unskippable part of men’s fashion. They have the potential to enhance even the drab best outfits and switch up the vibe as no other accessory can. No matter the occasion, shoes matching the attire are a must. So get your man a pair of comfy sneakers, Moccasins for work meetings, or loafers in fun yet suave colors and watch him cherish them forever!

Belts, hand keys, Men Wallets, and shoes are presents that men will never stop using and so will never fail to bring the brightest smile on your partner’s face. So add these to your bundle of Valentine’s day gifts and make it all the more special! 

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