Essential Hair Care Vitamins and Nutrients


A healthy lifestyle includes many things as a nutritious diet, regular exercising, healthy relationships, mindfulness, and many more. Balanced and wholesome living has a great impact on your appearance from nails to hair to skin that is why it is important to develop healthy habits in everyday life. This is a read about essential vitamins and nutrients in hair care products.

Organic linseed oil

This oil is a powerful antioxidant that positively impacts the condition of the hair after chemical treatments as bleaching, permanent straightening, or curling. Linseed oil deeply moisturizes, nourishes, and seals the hair shaft, making it smooth and silky, while preventing hair breakage and improving growth.

Almond milk

Soft almond milk soothes and calms irritation of hair and scalp, eliminates dryness, and restores moisture balance. It rejuvenates the hair, giving them flexibility and enhancing strength. Perfect for wavy and curly hair but can benefit any hair type.

Pomegranate extract

This fruit extract is great for those who color their hair often and wishes to keep fresh color vibrant for longer. It keeps color saturated longer, tightly closing the cuticle, also acts as a natural solar filter that effectively prevents fading as well as protects strands from environmental damage.

Vegetal hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid of organic origin provides a high moisturizing effect and visibly improves hair density. It Increases the diameter of individual fibers of hairs for a fuller look. In addition, it enhances gloss for healthier looking strands. The perfect element for fine and thinning hair to create more voluminous hairstyles.


This element is already popular among hair care products and it is for a reason. Keratin restores and strengthens the hair cuticle while making the hair smooth, shiny, and resistant to adverse environmental factors. This makes it suitable for weak, damaged hair that is in need of restoration and vitalization.

Organic baobab oil

Effectively revives dull, tired, and dry hair that was affected by often styling and environment. This oil nourishes scalp skin, and stimulates hair follicles, restoring hair complexion from the root, and very importantly this magical nutrient prevents hair loss.

Organic avocado oil

The avocado is everyone’s favorite and works miracles on dry or damaged hair. It makes hair feel softer and smoother to the touch, improves hair shine and strength.

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