8 Tips on How a Wedding Guest Should Dress at an Overseas Wedding


It can be thrilling to be invited to an international wedding or a beach weddings maui hi. This is a great excuse to make a trip abroad for your wedding. You will be excited to book your hotels and flights. You realize, as the date gets closer, that you don’t know what to wear to a destination marriage.

These are 8 tips that will help you dress appropriately for any occasion.

  1. First, you need to find the wedding invitation you were given. If not, you can look at the website of the couple and check if there was a dress code.If you have a well-thought-out invitation, it should specify whether the attire is black-tie or semi-formal.
  2. If you don’t know the dress code, get in touch with the bride, groom, or any other member of the wedding party that you are close to.These people will be able give you more information about the tone of your day. Do not be shy about contacting them. They want you to feel at ease and will do everything they can to make sure everyone is comfortable. They might also have expectations about how each guest will look in group photos that they have prepared with their photographer.
  3. Consider how much walking and moving you will need on the wedding day.How will you get to A from B if the reception and ceremony are at different locations? This will help you think about shoes. Do you want to marry in a warm climate or on a beach? A beach wedding is going to require you to wear something different than an Alpine winter wedding.
  4. You should find out if other wedding-related celebrations are being held.Because overseas weddings offer the chance for the bride or groom to spend more time with their guests, there may be some pre- or post-wedding celebrations. This is a good reason to ensure that you have the right dress code for the events, as well as your wedding day outfit.
  5. Take care when packing your wedding dress, especially if it will be traveling on a plane.It is important to make sure your suitcase doesn’t have liquids that could stain or spill it. Satin, for example, will be damaged if it isn’t marked. It is better to carry your suit or dress in hand luggage with a cover.
  6. Make sure to unpack your wedding dress as soon as you arrive at the venue.A steam brush is a good idea, but you should also check if the hotel offers dry-cleaning services. Another option is to hang up your clothes in the bathroom while you take a shower. Natural steam helps to loosen the creases. Avoid wearing a garment made of linen, which is known for creasing.
  7. All accessories that go with your outfit should be brought.You can wear tights, stockings and black socks with black shoes.
  8. Make sure your wedding guest dressesuk you to lose a little holiday weight.It is amazing how fast you can lose weight when you eat good food and drink a lot of wine each day. Do not be surprised if you arrive several days before the wedding.


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