6 Ways to style Banarasi silk saree


Here comes the festive season, so, it’s time to buy silk sarees and flaunt them on very important days. Draping the saree in flawless style is essential to look stunning, however, this helps you in stealing the show of the day. When it comes to the banarasi silk saree, you can easily nail this outfit in all the festive seasons or occasions.

So, are you thinking about how to wear the banarasi silk saree beautifully in different ways? We are here with some amazing tips that can help you in draping the banarasi silk saree in a unique way.  

  1. Loosen pallu   

What about a loosen pallu of banarasi saree? Loosen pallu banarasi saree looks really stunning. Along with this, it looks so trendy and it is having a perfect balance between the traditional as well as fashionable way. Banarasi sarees look best when they are permitted to fall freely and give you an elegant look that may look good if paired up with the right accessories.    

  1. Pleated saree drape with a belt

Teaming up the belt with the pleated saree can help you in giving the flattering look as it only needs to pleat the saree carefully. Nonetheless, you will look like a million bucks which will directly help you in grabbing the attention of people. You know what, if the banarasi silk saree is perfectly draped it gives you a perfect look at the festival or for a party.  

  1. Floor-length draping style 

The look you have depends on your saree draping style which can be done in many styles. However, you should focus on draping the saree to the floor length by tucking the edge of plates which will give you a flattering look. Not only an amazing look but also it provides you high level of confidence and helps you to deal with different festivals.        

  1. Dhoti style draping

Not only carrying a banarasi silk saree will provide you confidence but also you need to drape it in dhoti style by wearing a legging. Nevertheless, designers have many options these days with respect to the banarasi outfit, and wearing a banarasi saree in a dhoti style will help you to steal the show.

You know what I love about these banarasi silk saree is that these sarees suit any kind of style and accessories. When you wear a banarasi saree with accessories you will rock the show.      

  1. Lehenga style draping

When you are choosing a banarasi silk saree for this wedding season you should wear it in lehenga style to make some change. However, banarasi silk saree will pop you up no matter how much crowd you are surrounded with but if you draped it in lehenga style you will have a great impact.

  1. Retro style

A retro-style banarasi silk saree is the different and totally unique option you should go for. However, you can try any kind of jewellery with it that will give you a wedding ethnic outfit look on any occasion. Other than this, this style looks super stylish and having the heritage fabric you will have the traditional look. 

For achieving all kinds of looks the very first thing you need to take care of while buying the silk saree is definitely the quality of the sarees. The bad quality of the saree won’t help you to get an elegant look! Karagiri is one of the best online store you can trust when it comes to style & quality. 


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