PRP hair restoration explained: Get your hair back!


If you are suffering from early signs of hair loss, you have a bunch of treatments to consider, including PRP hair restoration. PRP stands for platelet rich plasma, which is derived from your own blood. PRP therapy has been used for varied needs, including joint pain and facial rejuvenation. In Montreal, options like Clinique Anti Aging PRP hair restoration are available, and these clinics offer the best-possible options for different needs. Here’s more on how PRP hair restoration works. 

How does PRP therapy works?

  1. The first step is to draw blood from the patient/client, typically from the arm. The blood is then placed in a centrifuge to separate different components of the blood. This helps in getting platelet-rich plasma. 
  2. The next step is about injecting the platelet-rich plasma directly into the targeted area of the scalp. 

Typically, at least three to four sessions of PRP therapy are required to get the desired benefits from the treatment. Also, there is usually a gap of four to six weeks between sessions, and maintenance sessions are required every six months. The cost of PRP therapy is not covered under insurance as this is a cosmetic and elective procedure. 

Are you the ideal candidate?

Whether you should consider PRP therapy for hair loss depends on many factors, including the underlying cause. For instance, if you have baldness because of genetic reasons, PRP therapy may not work for you. This treatment is best recommended for those who have early signs of hair loss that is related to hormonal changes or other factors. People who are on blood thinners or are heavy smokers are not ideal candidates for PRP therapy for hair loss. When you visit a clinic for the first time, do let the doctor know of the medications you are taking. You may be asked to avoid a few medicines before the procedure. 

To sum up

Choosing the right clinic for PRP therapy is as important. This is one of the safer treatments for hair loss, considering that the platelet rich plasma comes from your own blood. If you are considering PRP therapy, let the doctor know of any health concerns you are dealing with. The factors that are causing hair loss do matter in deciding whether PRP therapy is the ideal treatment for your condition. 

Always select a clinic that’s transparent in explaining the risks and various aspects of the procedure, along with the costs. 

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