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Blogging as a profession has come a long way. It gives the feeling of becoming your own boss. There are many perceptions around blogging as a career option. Blogging can be highly enriching if the creator follows his or her passion about the product or work. A form of blogging is all about documenting the world around the blogger. Another type comes in form of product reviews and comparisons. Blogs inspires lives through their content ranging from technology, education, traveling to beauty and lifestyle. The Internet as a platform has contributed so much to this sort of user interaction job.

If we break it down, the workflow of a blogger comprises of certain states. Bloggers have to select the area of interest. That is how they would be able to share their robust and knowledgeable opinion. A thorough evaluation is necessary to understand the pros and cons associated with the blogging for a particular domain. Blogging as a whole can be broadly classified into professional and hobbyist approach. Professionals take this up as their primary source of income and for the hobbyist it is otherwise.  For an instance, product reviews bloggers are known for making money though reviewing the products of their interest. They will have collaborations with product based companies.

Choosing the platform is another elemental decision that the blogger has to make. Now web is of course the ultimate platform. But still there are different types of options on the Internet itself. There are cases where the blogger might need to show some live demonstration or the whole blog itself can be a video. For example beauty and lifestyle bloggers want to demonstrate their work through great multimedia contents say photographs and videos. So he or she must not go for a platform which is mostly text based and is having a very limited scope of multimedia content. The flowing platforms are mostly preferred by the bloggers these days:

  • Websites
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Other social networks

Every platform has its own individuality. The bottom-line is that the platform enables the bloggers to present their work directly to the audience and take feedback from them in a structured manner. Also in all the platforms there are possibilities of generating revenues though different channels.

The revenue and earnings from blogging is apparently dynamic. Product reviewer presents their opinions on whether the product is worth the price or not. So why would a brand provide a product for review for free? They will not initially. Only when the bloggers has made a name for him or her and is having a significant number of followers then only their opinion will matter to the brand also. That is why integrity of a blogger is important. Bloggers can place ads in their web portals. That is how they can initiate their earning. Good quality content will attract more audience, and eventually the blogger can collaborate through paid partnerships. Bloggers are ranked according to the engagement and viewership on their works. The best bloggers even influence the decision of actual product lineup of brands. Brands even promote their products thorough them directly to gain faith of the followers. It becomes a win-win situation for both blogger and the brand.

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