How to Style a Plain T-Shirt


There are many things for which a woman is known. One of all those things is their beauty or the way they look in some specific outfit. No one in this world wants to compromise with their looks and outfits. This their outfits is one of the most important elements which makes them look more beautiful. There are many kinds of outfits that can add some extra effect to your overall look. However, not all such outfits will go well with all other accessories and other outfits. Plain t-shirts are just an exception in this case. They can go very well with most of the trendy and regular outfits. If you could use them well, they can even add some extra beauty to your look without adding anything special. For this purpose today in this article we will discuss plain tees. We will discuss how to style a plain t-shirt with your other outfits in a very easy way.

Tucking in into jeans

Every plain t-shirt can be worn in many different ways and with many different outfits. One of those very special ways is to pair it with your high waist jeans. You can pick any colour jeans and choose a white plain tee. Now you just have to tuck in your white plain tee in your high waist jeans. You can try this attire either with a pair of high heel sandals or Team up with simple sandals. After that, you can have one simple bag which could suit the best on it. If googles would be there, the look will become even more killer.

Pair with jeans and blazer

These days it’s very common for all the girls to wear denim and blazer but not all of them know one of the best ways to put their jeans and blazer with the plain tee. Here you need to wear one plain white tee and tuck it into your jeans. Now you have to put on a leather blazer over those tees. You will get one of the most amazing looks in these combinations of outfits. After that you can wear either a high heel or a simple sandal, both of them will go well with this look.

Tuck it on one side

We all love to wear jeans but just with the help of a plain tee, you can add some extra flavour to that. You just need to have one plain white t-shirt along with your jeans. If you don’t have jeans, you can even try this with your shorts. Now after wearing your jeans or shorts, you need to wear a plain tee. Now you need to tuck it just from one front side. It can be either on the left side or on the right side. It will give a great look to you and especially if you are under 30.

Front centre tuck in

Even for this style, you need just shorts, jeans and a plain white tee. Now you have to wear your denim or shorts and then you have to wear your plain tee as usual. Now just you have to do it to tuck your plain tee just in the front centre of your jeans. This look is very trendy these days. These kinds of plain female t-shirts can really create some more fashionable ways to enhance the beauty of a woman without doing any special thing.

Combine with your skirt

Have you ever tried your plain tee with your skirt? If not so far, so you must try that soon and soon. The look you will get in this combination would be just amazing. You can try, either a printed or a plain skirt, both will work very well. Just you have to take care of the right colour combination. If you wear these combinations of outfits even at the parties, you will rock others too. Here you have to take care that your t-shirts should be fully tucked in and the height of the skirt should be high.

Side knot

Side knot is also one of the great styles to wear a simple plain tee in a very attractive way. For making a knot, you can either use the tee only or you can even use any rubber band. When you make the knot with the rubber band, you should make a tie in such a manner, so that the rubber band should not be visible. In this case, you can try either shorts or jeans with this. In this case, you can even keep your hair untied. For the legs, you can use either sandals or casual shoes.

With long sleeve shirts

Plain tees have their special value for every woman’s life. That is the reason, they don’t want to leave any exploration in terms of fashion and style. In our next entry, they can try their favourite plain tees with one shirt and pants. Instead of pants, they can also use jeans which would be better even in many cases. Here you have to take care that the shirt should be only full sleeve and not half. Now you first have to put on the jeans or pants and your plain tee. Now you have to tuck in your tee into your pants or jeans. Then after you have to wear your long sleeve blouse, on your tee. Leave the shirt without tuck in and without buttoning up. This look will really be amazing if you could do this just like this and add some extra elements like google, boots, bags etc.

Above we got to know some of the very special uses of the plain tee which you can add to your life. With the help of these uses, you can get every day a new look even just with your single plain tee. So if you want to see all these amazing things happen with you, try these styles from today to make you look even more beautiful.

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