Different ways to style your T-shirt


There is no match for the comfort and cosiness we feel when we slip into our favourite t-shirt. Regardless of age, gender, country, race and any other aspect of identity, this is an experience that is common to every person across the world. If we were to look in every individual’s closet, a common component of each staples pile would be one or multiple well-fitted cotton tees in solid colours and prints.

T-shirts are comfortable, airy, and breathable, making them suitable for even the hottest of summer. In addition, a simple S size t shirt can be styled in a gazillion different ways, adding them to the versatile and the perfect for experimentation categories.

Here are different, not-so-basic ways you can style all the s size t shirts in your wardrobe for other occasions:

  • Pair with blazers

Until a few years ago, people wore their s size t shirts only when casually hanging out with friends or having a chill day at home. However, the recent fashion wave has included tees in a wide range of outfits instead of just loungewear. An excellent way to make a formal/semi-formal out of them would be to wear them with a structured blazer, make sure it is a contrasting combo of solids and slip into a pair of oxfords.

  • Pair them with Joggers

Be it for a fun night out or a casual college day; there is nothing like a pair of stretchable, well-fitted joggers with tons of pockets. And, the best part is tees, especially size t shirts, look mighty good when teamed up with these dapper bottom wear pieces. So, the next time you’re looking for a sporty and stylish outfit, joggers and your favourite tee will trick!

  • With a pair of shorts

With the sweltering heat that we have been experiencing this summer, your airy s size t-shirt with a pair of jeans, khaki, or even cargo shorts will help your body cool down and keep you away from any fungal infections caused by sweat at bay. The ladies can tuck their tee into their shirts and accessorize with a handbag, cap and sunglasses, while men can slip into their t-shirts, knee-length shirts, loafers, slap on a wristwatch and be ready to beat the heat in the chicest manner.

  • With flared jeans

If you’re a fashion enthusiast, you will know that having a pair of flared jeans in your wardrobe that can be paired spectacularly well with any t-shirt is an unspoken rule. The best way to style your tees with these voguish pieces is by teaming them up with a contrasting half sleeved s size t-shirt and french tucking them in for a more casual and fun feel.

When it comes to s size t shirts, there is no wrong way to style them. You can make monochrome, colour blocking, and formal outfits with ease. So, make sure always to keep the T-shirt in your wardrobe well-stocked!

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