Comparison Between the Two Types of Bras – Underwired & Non-Wired Bra


There has always been a debate between Underwired & Non-wired bras. Which one is better? Well, the truth is both bras have their charm and it all depends on an individual’s choice and his need. However, here we have highlighted the pros and cons of each type which can help you choose the right one. 

What is an Underwired bra?

An underwired bra will always have an underwire sewn under the cup of the bra. This helps people with a bigger chest, providing support to it. In this way, the female will have lower problems of back pain or a strain which you might feel every day. On the other hand, it also provides better lift and shape to your breasts. The only downside with this bra is that after using sometime, the wire may come out and might cause scratches or irritation to your skin. It might also get bent and bumpy. This is the time that you need to replace the bra.

Underwire bras can give a good shape to your breasts as they can avoid chafing between the breasts and the skin below them. It lifts the breast and this removes the weight from the straps.

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What is a non-wired bra?

Wireless or non-wired bras are also called “soft cup” bras. They do not contain any hard or rigid pieces of material. Wireless bras are more suitable for women having smaller chests because they do not need much support. That said, it doesn’t mean that a woman with a bigger chest cannot wear this type of bra. It is all about everyone’s personal choice. The best part about non-wired bras is that they do not have any wire that can come out of the fabric or gets bent. 

Comfort is the main benefit of non-wired bras. They can be gentle to your skin and also gives a good natural shape to your breasts. They can also be a good choice while lounging or sleeping. The only disadvantage with these wireless bras is that you won’t get the same lift and separation that you will get with wired bras. 

Which one is better?

As we said earlier, it is all upon an individual’s choice. A wired bra can give a pronounced look to your breasts. It will make your breast look rounder and perfect. Therefore, you will find many push up bras having this underwire. A non-wired bra will also give you some lift and a shape without dramatically changing anything.

To conclude on this debate, an underwire bra is not bad for your skin, neither does it causes any problems like cancer. But wearing a tight bra is not a good option every time, mainly when it comes to comfort. It might look good for formal wear or in a party wear dress, but it is good to avoid wearing it during lounging or sleeping. 

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