Common Couple Tattoos And What They Symbolize


There are different ways to express love for each other. People give gifts, express them in words, dedicate some romantic songs, or do some work for their partners. However, none of these are permanent but rather finishes as soon as it is completed. If you want a permanent expression of your love for your partner, you must go for a couple tattoo.

Couple tattoos are one of the latest crazes in the tattoo world. It is a way of expressing several ideas that are common amongst the partner. They also prefer to show their love directly through their tattoos. There are different designs of couple tattoos. The couple can also get some customized designs if the tattoo parlor allows them to do so. The symbolism of couple tattoos is manifold. Let us look at some of the common couple tattoos and what do they mean.

Continuous heartbeat tattoo

The continuous heartbeat tattoo is quite common amongst love couples. This tattoo is generally painted on the wrists of the couple. When the two wrists are joined, it will represent a continuous heartbeat. This tattoo signifies that their love epitomes into a continuous heartbeat. That is, their hearts beat in unison. Most couples love to have this tattoo to express their love for each other.

Always and Protego Harry Potter tattoo

If you and your partner are Harry Potter fans, you will love the Always and Protego Harry Potter tattoo. Protego, shown by the buck, represents the shield charm of Harry Potter. Always, represented by a doe, is the character summoned by Professor Snape. The tattoo represents the care, love, and protection that resonated throughout the relationship between Harry Potter and Professor Snape. If you are a Harry Potter fan couple, you will love to have this tattoo on your wrists.

Mario and peach tattoo

People love to play Super Mario. This game was a thunderous hit amongst players for several ages. In this game, Super Mario had the rescue Princess Peach, his damsel in distress. If you are a video game lover, you will understand the love and cuteness in this tattoo. The boy can get the Mario tattoo, while the girl can get the Peach tattoo. When they join the tattooed parts,  it would seem that Mario and Peach are happily kissing each other.

King and queen crown tattoo

Every boy wants to treat his girl like a queen. Likewise, the girl wishes to treat his boy with the same royalty. A special way of expressing such feelings is to get a king and queen crown tattooed on their fingers or the back of their palm. The boy will get the king’s crown while the girl will get the queen’s. In this way, they can express their love for each other with an extra pinch of royalty.

These are some of the common couple tattoos that people love to have. The symbolism of couple tattoos varies according to art. To know more about these tattoos, look into some tattoo expert websites like Pacho-Tattoo.

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