A Beginner’s Guide On How To Edit Photos And Videos


Once you’ve captured the pictures and filmed a video, the next step is the post-processing stage which is editing these raw pictures and images. Photographers and cinematographers often questioned this process as against the skill of capturing a beautiful end result without editing. But with advancement in technology ,needs of the people and situation; advanced camera tricks and editing softwares are seeing an increasing demand. The post-processing stage needs a perfect mix of technical knowledge and creativity. This process can become a difficult task for beginners.Hence here the B612 app can be proved to be of great help.It consists of various features and tools which can help you to transform your photo instantly.

Here are some tips on good photo and video editing for beginners:

  1. Capture Raw – When you’re capturing a picture or a video, keep in mind that you want to edit the data for the final output. This will make the editing process easier like adjusting colour, white balance, etc
  2. Add space – Always have space in the pictures/videos. Always remember that you can crop the images/videos later but cannot widen it if you accidentally cropped an element of the picture or video
  3. Choose the right app/software – The first step is to choose the right video editor for you. This depends on your technical knowledge of editing, your needs and creativity. Usually a single application/software consists of all the tools one would need to edit a picture or a video but may want to choose one over the other based on its usability, interface, templates, etc.B612 is the perfect example for this, it has an amazing set of templates and filters which can prove to be pretty useful.
  4. Build a story – For any picture or video, the main goal is to deliver an output that tells the story. Adding effects that are visually appealing and evokes emotions can really please the audience. It also creates a predetermined flow for transitions and effects in videos
  5. Colour Correction – Colour is the most important element in any design, photo or video. Colours can be helped to highlight certain objects, evoke different emotions, and set the mood around the scene. Most editors can help with colour correction and colour grading. One can even use various photo filters and video filters that these applications provide
  6. Add graphics and texts – Depending on the type of image or video, you might want to add text or graphics on images and videos. But when adding text or graphics, one must make sure that the text is simple,clean and doesn’t distract the audience from the main elements of the image/video
  7. Add good background – Background can be background colour/image for images and background colour/image/music for the videos. Choosing the right background is very important. It can make or break the final output. The background sets the whole mood and environment of the output. A good background makes the photos and videos more effective. One can dramatize or tone down the photos and videos with the perfect background

Today there are a number of applications and softwares that have made the post-processing stage simpler and easier. If you don’t have the technical skills or creativity, there are a lot of apps like B612, with pre-made templates for you  which will make your work extremely easy and quick.

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