What everyone ought to know about the navy suit?


Navy blue is the most trending color in recent times. One of the most flexible color combinations is the navy suit color combinations. It is classy and subtle. It makes you look professional and polished. A navy suit has become the go-to color as work wear, or for an interview. If paired correctly, it can even be used as semi-formal or informal wear. The color is very elegant. It is very common to see men choosing a navy blue suit, especially for a dapper look. Not just the looks, a navy suit elevates your personality and makes you look trustworthy, loyal, and dependable. The color attracts attention to you without screaming for it. However, you have to choose the navy suit color combinations intelligently. Even if you choose the most dapper looking clothing pieces, if they do not match, it will end up a disaster.

Having said that, it is possible that you may end up looking cheap instead of elegant if you go wrong in styling. This article aims to inform you about the dos and don’ts while styling a navy blue suit.

Pay attention to the color combinations and textures you pair the suit with. I have made your styling game easier by listing the dos and don’ts for you.

Do’s while wearing a navy suit

  1. Choose a shirt with a light hue. White, light pink, or light blue work well with a navy suit. Subtle checks or stripes are also great with the suit.
  2. Dark brown shoes go well with the suit. You can choose to wear oxford, derby, monk,etc. depending on your taste and the situation. A pair of brown boots also go really well with the suit.
  3. You can add a pop of color in the tie. A checkered or patterned tie in red or burgundy color works wonders.
  4. A navy suit can be worn throughout the year. Choosing the right kind of fabric helps you do this. Wear a lightweight fabric during summers. A linen or cotton fabric is the go-to material during summers. It is light and gives you enough space to breathe. As you might have guessed already choose a heavy fabric during winters.
  5. You can wear a suit without a tie for a more casual look.

Don’ts while wearing a navy suit

  1. A shiny or glittery material for the suit can make you look cheap instead of stylish. Say a big no to this kind of fabric.
  2. Pairing the navy suit with a dark-colored tie or shirt is a huge fashion faux pas. Avoid wearing a navy suit with a black tie or shirt. What happens when you do that? The hues are so close that it becomes difficult for the eyes to distinguish between them. This is definitely not great for your style quotient.
  3. A navy suit can be donned as casual wear. But don’t make the mistake of going too casual. Avoid pairing the suit with a casual t-shirt, or your favourite pair of sneakers.
  4. Avoid wearing a striped or patterned shirt with a similar tie. Add the attention element in only one of them.

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