Important Tips To Conquer A Good Fishing


The make you fishing memorable and fun, there are some important things you should take note of and above all make sure you are properly clothed in your fishing wears. Here are some important things to take note:

The Practice

Only practice makes perfect, so the best thing to do is practice a lot, but that’s not all; you need to be aware of mistakes.

Whenever we miss something in the fishery – be it a tangle, a fish that escaped, the line that burst – be aware of what led to this – the line did not resist, the shot was badly done, the hook did not affect – immediately look for the solution, either by asking more experienced fishermen or by reading in specialized magazines and newspapers and mainly not to repeat the mistake.


This factor eliminates more than 50% of the mistakes made in fisheries. Always try to check if the knots are firm, the hook is very sharp, and the way to attach the bait is correct. Observe the behavior of the fish, where they should be hiding, what are their favorite baits and their main habits. Stay on top of what’s been happening in the last few days at the place where you go fishing: are other people succeeding? is the water dark? What baits are they using? in short, we must know all of this. Otherwise, we may be wasting time in that place.

The Communication

Communication is usually a three-way process. It involves the partners fishing with us, the people residing on the site (pilots, hotel owners, fishermen, riverside dwellers, etc.), and the other fishermen present. Streamlining communication means seeking information where it is available and not waiting for it to come to us. This agility and quality of information will certainly help us to succeed. Don’t be afraid to ask.

The Right Time And Silence

The best time to find fish species is in the early morning and late afternoon. This does not mean that you cannot fish at other times. We have already heard many fishermen saying that they caught large species at night, at dawn, or noon, and it happens.

Role Of Citizen

To conclude these small tips to be successful in fishing, we emphasize the importance of preserving fish and our environment. We all want to fish in a beautiful, pleasant place with fish, and we also know that it is up to us. Try joining the catch and release team or taking fish below the ideal size and just what the law allows. And don’t even leave garbage lying around. If you are heading for “that fishing trip” in a pay-fishing, fishing, etc., remember that you must maintain the environment the way you found it.

Avoid throwing papers, glasses, cigarette butts, etc., into the lake, in fact, nowhere. The vast majority of fisheries have garbage cans well distributed around the lakes. If they are far from their fishing “point,” always take a small bag from the market to keep the unwanted leftovers, thus avoiding visual and environmental pollution.

Also, remember to “respect” the local rules, avoiding lengthy and unnecessary pitches to capture your specimen.

This last rule helps to maintain friendship and create new ones, thus enabling expanding our “network of friends”.

If even following these tips, the fisherman is not successful, rest assured, you did everything as you should, and remember that fishing is a sport,

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