Enhance Your Daily Style with Orange Cube’s 18k Gold Plated Silver Jewellery Collection


Orange Cube consistently strikes the ideal balance between forward-thinking and timeless jewellery. From their iconic Australian jewellery gifts to their signature collection, this Melbourne-based jeweler excels in self-expression through ingenious design and a remarkable ability to blend metals, precious stones, and more, resulting in pieces that cater to all tastes.

Their latest venture introduces a slightly more restrained approach, yet the collection embodies all the trademarks of an instant Orange Cube classic. Presenting the inaugural Orange Cube Signature collection—a range of exquisite 18k Gold Plated Silver Jewellery.

Explore the Collection:

Radiance Happiness Lock Necklace $199.00

Radiance Happiness Lock Necklace

Emanate joy and positive well-being with the Radiance Happiness Lock Necklace. Featuring the moveable Orange Cube logo adorned with dazzling cubic zirconia stones, this upgraded design on a sterling silver 18K Gold Plated chain (65cm long) offers an adjustable fit. Wear it as a constant reminder to invite happiness into your life.

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Radiance Happiness Lock Bracelet $159.00

Radiance Happiness Lock Bracelet

Embrace positivity with the Radiance Happiness Lock Bracelet, showcasing the moveable Orange Cube logo in gold enamel—a step up from the classic design. Crafted on an 18K Gold Plated sterling silver chain, this bracelet features a clasp closure for a customizable fit. Wear it as a symbol of happiness.

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Destiny Pearl Necklace – Allure $139.00

Destiny Pearl Necklace - Allure

The Destiny Pearl Necklace, plated with 18K gold, boasts a square-shaped pendant adorned with a natural white shell. This exquisite piece beautifully showcases your impeccable taste and appreciation for nature. The pendant’s minimalist design complements the shell’s iridescent beauty, while the 18K gold plating ensures durability and quality.

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Signature Necklace – Ivory $129.00

Signature Necklace - Ivory

Introducing the captivating Signature Necklace featuring a natural white shell, elegantly plated with 18K gold. Elevate your style with this unique piece that celebrates the ocean’s natural beauty. The sleek signature logo pendant complements the iridescent shell perfectly, creating a striking contrast that sets you apart. Wear it alone or layer it for a bohemian look.

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Elevate your everyday look with Orange Cube’s 18k Gold Plated Silver Jewellery Collection—a fusion of artistry and elegance.

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