Different Types of Jeans to Wear with a Nice Top


Clothes are the basic needs of humans, at ancient times, people used pieces of Jute or leaves to cover their body but later, fashion came into the trend and many new varieties of clothes were introduced, like jeans, top, short dresses, and a lot more. People can choose their wardrobes according to their choice and wear what you want.

As the times have changed, everything has been developed and raised up to a new level and thus the fashion has been upgraded too.  Everywhere people are following the trend in the field of fashion or gadgets. Jeans are a very common thing in the wardrobe of everyone. There are a lot of varieties of jeans that are always in trend like casual, formal, ripped, baggy, straight, and a lot more. Some of the varieties of jeans are given here :

Types of jeans

  • Skinny jeans – Skinny jeans are good for the girls who have a perfect figure and these types of jeans give a nice fitting from the waist to the ankle. It looks good for slim fit legs, and gives a great fitting, and stays stuck to the legs. This also comes with the mid-rise and high rise style. You can wear tight tops with jeans, it will give a modern look, as it completely reveals your figure from waist to ankle.
  • Baggy jeans – Baggy jeans are the most comfortable type of jeans for every girl to wear. You can wear it anywhere without any concern about how it will look on you. Baggy jeans are good for both the slim and fat girls, as it does not expose the thickness of your leg. Girls of every shape can go for baggy jeans or the baggy tops as it looks good on all types of girls.
  • Flared jeans – The flared jeans are in the trend these days, in the market. It is designed straight from the waist and then has a frill at the ankle. It can be worn with tops with flared sleeves and you can wear it with tucking in the jeans.
  • Distressed – The distressed jeans are those, which are designed like they are scratched from the various parts from waist to ankle. They are partially or completely torn. Some also have patches that look like it is repaired. Distressed jeans also have patched with a piece of shiny clothes or something that makes the jeans look trendy.
  • Faded jeans – The faded jeans are in trend these days, the faded blue and black jeans are highly in demand. And can be worn with any type of top and pair of shoes.


In this article, it is mentioned about various types of jeans and a nice top. This article will help you to know various types of jeans and choose the one that is fit for you. I hope this article will give you an idea about how the various types of jeans are.


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