5 types of boots that will amp up your dressing game


Shoes are essential apparel, and they have completely changed the fashion game over the years. Boots are the most comfortable footwear one can own, and nothing beats the element of a strong pair of boots. There are various boots for women, and sometimes it is obvious to land up in a dilemma as every boot is unique!

The following are some of the unique types of boots for women:

  • Chelsea boots.

If you want to remain unbothered by the laces or the zippered boots, you should go for the Chelsea boots. They can easily fit, and this ankle-length style features two elastic panels on either side. It also allows you to slip the boot over your feet. They are prevalent in a variety of toe and heel shapes. These shoes can be worn as a part of a casual or formal outfit, complementing all outfits. These quintessential boots resemble classic ankle boots in many ways.

  • Knee-high boots.

Knee-high boots took the entire fashion world by storm in the late 1950s. They rise to the knee, and they also create the illusion of having slender legs. These boots for women are made in a variety of styles. Some boots have loose or perfectly fitted leather uppers, and others are crafted from stretchy materials. They also come in hefty versions with chunky rubber soles and contours with low heels.

  • Over-the-knee boots.

These boots are naturally made to grab someone’s attention and are a bit snug. It is recommended to look out for zip styles and lace-ups that will be an excellent fit for your legs. To look their best, many girls choose pointed pairs of boots. These boots are meant to be the showstoppers. These boots cover the knee partially or fully, and they give you a retro feel. Wearing these shoes in winter not only increases your style quotient, but they also keep you warm and cosy throughout the season.

  • Combat boots.

Combat boots have military origins and are the best option for practical footwear. They are excellent all-purpose boots, and they are designed to be worn in the roughest terrain. They are sturdier and provide the best possible protection from all the debris. These boots for women are typically made out of black leather. Many soldiers are seen wearing these boots during their training period owing to their ankle stability and firm grip. By wearing classic black trousers, a simple black sweater, and black leather combat boots, you can amp up your appearance.

  • Cowboy boots.

A cowboy boot has a shaft that goes all the way up your calf, a narrow pointed toe, and a high heel that keeps your feet well in place. This particular shoe is a favourite in almost every corner of the world. It also adds a country-chic vibe to your outfit. You can choose the design of your choice according to your personal style.

These are some types of boots for women that you can go for!

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