Working Fashion Men for Cooler Appearance

Once you have graduated from well known university, the very first thing to do is finding a good job. And finally it happens and you must follow the rule of company where you are working especially how to dress appropriately in an office. Well, working fashion is certainly different from your daily or even formal appearance in other occasion. It has its style to make people can distinguish it from other fashion style. Since women working dresses are quite complicated, let’s start this article from working fashion men inspiration.

Working Fashion Men Weekly

If you work in the office, you must have found many men who wear their working fashion styles. From that we can take much inspiration of how to mix and match or how to find the best working fashion men for us. Mostly, working men are often found in a pair of trousers and a dress skirt. Both clothes composition is enough as formal wear concept. Purposely, men prefer to complete this combination with tie, a pair of formal leather shoes, watch and of course a briefcase. Furthermore, there are two versions of dress skirt to choose depending on desire. They are short and long sleeves. Short sleeved dress skirt represents such semi formal working fashion for men. This kind of smart casual fashion is usually worn in certain day when the employers are allowed to wear free working style. Other style even allows men to roll their long dress skirt sleeves a quarter higher from wrist hand. Vest is a good alternative to replace a formal suit. It doesn’t have sleeves to cover the whole part of your arms. With that fact, a dress skirt and a vest combination is always formal as working fashion men. In winter or autumn, this formal vest may be replaced with sleeveless sweater.

Working Fashion Men Unique

Working Fashion Men Gentlemen

The most popular working fashion men are suits. Suits consist of trousers and coat which are designed in similar detail.

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Both suit and trousers have the same color. That’s why it is typically designed as a couple. In this case, we should pick appropriate tie and dress skirt to fit the suits style.

Working Fashion Men Formal

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