What to Wear with a Scarf Inspiration to Try

Scarf is usually used as fashion complement. It is also famous as fashion accessory especially in winter or autumn. Well, the best thing we can get from scarf is its design, color and pattern. We should know exactly that scarf comes in different shape or model. Scarf which is commonly we know must be in long rectangular shape of cloth. It offers additional warmth for our neck besides long coat and jacket. On the other hand, scarf also provides several models of shape such as square and triangle. Well, it is able to choose based on your desire. With those different shapes of scarf, there must be methods to tie them up properly no matter what to wear with a scarf.

What to Wear with a Scarf Summer

Following the latest trend of fashion in whole seasons of the year, the methods of how to tie a scarf beautifully are available in many media. From internet we can find even more only by single click. There are still many fashion magazines that inform you about everything regarding to fashion trend in the society. That’s why we believe that you will not out of date in following the fashion trend nowadays. And the fashion information includes what to wear with a scarf to share with us. Let’s start it from casual spring and summer style. This casual style seems perfect to wear by young woman who studies at senior high school or university. This fashion style is also fashionable to wear in casual occasion such as hang out with friends. It is because we only require jeans, T-shirt and a scarf. Blue jeans and white or darker T-shirt looks casual for you. This simple combination should be beautified with something contrast. That is a purpose of a scarf. Choose a large triangle or square scarf with tassels on the edge to give

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such stylish accent. Don’t forget to pick strong color such as yellow, red or pink to contrast the white T-shirt.

What to Wear with a Scarf Inspiration

What to Wear with a Scarf Ideas

Tank top or more formal cloth is also adorable to be what to wear with a scarf. If you are a scarf collector, wearing two scarves at once may be a creative fashion style though you should be smart to combine the pattern and color gloriously. Even a scarf can make your simple old gown becoming eye catchy and elegant.

What to Wear with a Scarf Girl

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