Ways in Wearing a Scarf Cheerfully

There are so many creative ways in wearing a scarf stylishly. Well, even we don’t need many scarves to wear in different occasions. Having a scarf is totally enough to make your fashion style adorable without spending much money and time. Basically, scarf is just like other fashion accessories. It is able to wear or not with your main apparel of the day. And less of scarf will not make your appearance bad. But if you want look cozier and eye catching, a scarf can help you get those impressions.

Ways in Wearing a Scarf Unique

Scarf is a piece of cloth like a shawl. Scarf is commonly slighter than the shawl. That’s why the scarf is usually worn in spring and summer season to complete the fashion style. Unlike shawl which is always in long rectangular shape, scarf is available in several different shapes such as rectangular, square and triangle. All of the scarf shapes come with numerous colors and patterns. In this case, we should be gently to choose them as fashion ornament since the apparel and accessory must be harmony to each other. It is better to choose clothes with a single color to fit the patterned scarf. It means the scarf choose the clothes and the other way around. If you want your appearance looks harmony, try to find the same color on the scarf with your top clothes. For instance, the

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scarf contains of orange, blue, pink and white color. To fit the colors of scarf, we should choose one of those colors to dominate the clothes such as blue. Now, it is time to wear the scarf with many ways in wearing a scarf cheerfully.

Ways in Wearing a Scarf Summer

Ways in Wearing a Scarf Idea

Scarf is not always worn to surround your neck. It may be perfect item to be hair band. To wear the scarf as hair band is quite simple. Fold the triangle or square scarf to make rectangular shape. Put it one your top head and then tie both points of scarf near the neck in the back head. We can tie it up twice to keep it in position properly. If we want it surrounding the neck, just double round it on your neck. And then let the scarf tips hanging naturally. Those are several ways in wearing a scarf stylishly.

Ways in Wearing a Scarf Cool

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