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Unique Simple Wedding Dresses for Unforgettable Moment

Are you searching for simple wedding dress but unique for your big day? Well, wedding dress is not always glamour with glorious model and detail to decorate it. Even with simple model and less of detail, a wedding dress still can be unique to complete this pretty moment for the newlyweds. That’s why we are here. We give you several ideas of unique simple wedding dresses model to inspire. The first simple wedding dress is pretty in simple way. It is unique because it is different from usual bridal gown ever.

Unique Simple Wedding Dresses 2013

Unique Simple Wedding Dresses 2013

Let’s start it then. The first unique simple wedding dresses model is dominated in light grey color. The grey color actually comes from the lace. Well, large scale of lace is chosen to cover the white base material on this straight wedding dress. With gorgeous combination of white base and grey lace material, tank top wedding dress is created. The sleeveless part is dominated with lace to display the bride’s fair skin on shoulders, chest and back. Round neckline is applied highly near the bottom neck with lace ruffle surrounding it. Since the lace is transparent, we can see that the white base material under it applies sweetheart strapless dress. For the finishing touch on this unusual dress, three levels of white glossy satin ribbon are sewed on the waist,

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thigh and knee areas of the dress. Grey lace blind is used as ornament. It is tied to cover your beautiful eyes as like a mask.

Unique Simple Wedding Dresses Collection

Unique Simple Wedding Dresses Collection

Unique Simple Wedding Dresses Design

Unique Simple Wedding Dresses Design

The second unique simple wedding dresses only emphasize details of embellishment on strapless dress cut to make it unusual in appearance. White satin always looks luxurious to display the bride’s perfect shape though it is only in indirect view. Strapless dress cut is decorated with sweetheart neckline with loose detail to represent the simplicity. To give feminine concept onto the dress, laced bolero with midi sleeves covers the top of the dress. The same lace is embroidered stylishly surrounding the edge of dress bottom including cute chapel train. Simple pure white ribbon is tied under the breast to emphasize the line of your body.

Unique Simple Wedding Dresses Lace

Unique Simple Wedding Dresses Lace

Beautiful Wedding Dresses for Royal Wedding

Royal wedding is not always identical with rich family or high class society level. Royal wedding can be thrown for everyone who wants get a special moment for their wedding ceremony. Beautiful wedding dresses for this royal bridal moment must be perfect to

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make it special. Glorious wedding dress is purposely designed elegantly with sparkling and artistic detail and embellishment. And additionally, there are so many professional and outstanding wedding gown designers which are ready to help you designing appropriate gown for you.

Beautiful Wedding Dresses 2013

Beautiful Wedding Dresses 2013

Well, although the price rate is totally more expensive than standard wedding dress, but it will be perfectly offer the glory of wedding moment. There are several samples of beautiful wedding dresses displayed in this article. We will describe them for you from the simplest into the most creative dress for wedding moment. The simplest one offers strapless dress with sweetheart neckline to support the semi ball gown cut. This white wedding dress is quite simple without too much embellishment on it.

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There is only little detail of pleated on the chest and waist. Satin in white with blue shade looks calm and soft as basic color scheme on this royal wedding dress. Another simplest wedding dress has similar concept of semi ball gown and strapless sweetheart neckline. This royal beautiful dress looks chic with vertical ruffle detail surrounding the breast area. As a focal point, lace is embroidered surrounding the waist as like an obi. Soft white satin is still chosen to represent the glorious concept in this simple royal dress. The next beautiful wedding dress has large and long chapel train on the back. Chapel train application is certainly perfect to complete the royal wedding concept.

Beautiful Wedding Dresses Idea

Beautiful Wedding Dresses Idea


Beautiful Wedding Dresses Style

Beautiful Wedding Dresses Style

Ball gown works properly with the large chapel train. There is unique pattern of embroidering on the edge of the chapel train and skirt. To make it sparkling, crystal beads are attached on the embroidering. This royal wedding gown involves tank top style to contrast the full accent on the bottom of dress. With natural hairstyle, the bride will look so adorable in the beautiful wedding dresses. Long white gloves are worn as additional ornament for the royal wedding gown.

Beautiful Wedding Dresses Inspiration

Beautiful Wedding Dresses Inspiration

Beautiful Dresses for Girls in Formal Occasion

Formal occasion must allow us to appear elegantly no matter what the design of dress is. Beautiful dresses for girls are available in different style. Since fashion always changes from time to time, we should follow the latest trend to keep us up to date. Well, we must not want to come in a party with all women look fashionable and up to date, while we appear honestly in out of date gown. It s such pity moment in life, you know? That’s why being a selective person in choosing appropriate gown to wear in formal occasion is significant.

Beautiful Dresses for Girls Style

Some pictures are attached to give much inspiration in choosing beautiful dresses for girls. In a picture, there are four gorgeous dresses in red, purple and gold to pick. Every gown comes in different detail and model. Let’s start it from the purple gown. This one shoulder gown is designed with sweetheart neckline to make it feminine and sexy. It looks glossy with stunning satin in dark purple scheme. This darker scheme lets your fair white skin bright naturally under the light. This dress is long enough to cover your feet perfectly. With simple straight dress style, sheer material is added to cover the satin from the waist to give such beautiful effect when you are walking in it. The second dress is in red. It is beautiful loose dress with high cut concept on the dress skirt. One shoulder style is still found in this straight dress. The one shoulder sleeve applies semi transparent patterned sash to display the strapless accent on the basic dress detail. To make a focal point on this dress, glossy red material is installed surrounding the waist as like an obi.

Beautiful Dresses for Girls model

Beautiful Dresses for Girls Red

The third of beautiful dresses for girls is in gold. This strapless gown is made of gold velvet with glossy pattern dominates it. It applies mermaid dress style to bring elegant accent on the dress. The whole dress design is simple without any embellishment. The decorative detail is only found on right knee area with pleated accent to represent a corsage. To complete this simple golden dress appearance, don’t forget to wear jewelry with similar scheme as the dress.

Beautiful Dresses for Girls Image

Peacock Feathered Prom Dresses Ideas

Peacock feather has several meanings to represent something in our life. It expresses such luxury, glamour, wisdom, wealth, royal, loyal and highness. No wonder that everything regarding to the peacock feather is always expensive. In addition, peacock is kind exotic bird which has unique feather color and pattern. It comes in green with gold, purple and little red accent on the feather pattern. We can see that peacock feather displays a pattern that looks like an eye. Well, generally, everyone who wears peacock feathered clothes will look so stunning no matter what. Applying this exotic feather in your prom dress list may be perfect idea. The peacock feathered prom dresses would exactly make your appearance adorable among your community.

Peacock Feathered Prom Dress Sample

Since peacock is one of extinct animal which is protected, of course it is forbidden for us to hunt them only for some feathers. Nowadays, high technology has been successfully created fake peacock feather as well as the real one. Furthermore, the peacock feathered prom dresses are not always embellished with peacock feather on every part of dress surface. Peacock feather pattern or motif has even great detail to keep your performance adorable. There are many materials with peacock feather motif to choose such as satin, soft net, cotton, taffeta and many more. Crucial thing that have to know is peacock feathered

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dress doesn’t always involve much accent of peacock feather. Smart and creative dress design will work even better with little accent of this exotic bird feather. We have some samples of those prom dress concepts.

Peacock Feathered Prom Dress Mask

Peacock Feathered Prom Dress Green

The first concept of peacock feathered prom dress offers satin green to dominate the dress scheme. This simple dress is strapless with sweetheart neckline to make it sweet. Green sparkle beads or gems are embellished following the neckline to the side of waist area. Pleated detail is sewed simply following the embellishment. To make this green prom dress luxurious, ball gown dress style is applied. A green bracelet with fake peacock feather embellishment is worn to emphasize the peacock concept of the green satin gown. Other peacock feathered prom dresses are in black with black feather combination for embellishment. It only incorporates little accent of peacock feather on the chest area.

Peacock Feathered Prom Dress Chapel TRain

Beautiful Bride Dresses 2013 Inspiration

Becoming a queen of the day in your wedding party seems pleasant moment to celebrate. And to be a queen, it is better to wear beautiful bride dresses 2013 as new collection in this early New Year period. There are many gowns collection in 2013. They even look better than the previous bride dresses in 2012. In this article, we have several samples of beautiful gowns 2013 for your wedding dress inspiration. All of them are gorgeous and have different model to fit your shape and desire. Let’s check them out eventually.

Beautiful Bride Dresses 2013 Style

Tank top dress is still outstanding in 2013. This fact can be seen from a picture of beautiful bride dresses 2013 attached in this article. This sleeveless white dress is suitable for spring and summer wedding party. Or it can be more effective for outdoor wedding celebration with green grass covering the whole venue flooring. The beautiful bride gown with tank top style displays V neckline. The tank top strap is intentionally made of semi transparent lace with stylish pattern over your shoulders. Indirectly, sweetheart neckline covers your breast prettily with lace combination to create such texture on it. This kind of dress with tank top and V neckline style would be perfect if it also applies empire skirt dress style. Can you imagine it? It would look like stylish with vintage nuance dominates the wedding ceremony elegantly. Other beautiful bride dresses 2013 bring fresh floral accent as dress skirt detail. The topper part of the dress is simple with strapless neckline. The uniqueness is shown in the bottom line of the dress. The dress skirt is specifically made to reflect a flower in upside down position. This floral detail is made of glossy soft net which slight enough to be elegant above the base dress material.

Beautiful Bride Dresses 2013 Sample

Beautiful Bride Dresses 2013 Inspiration

If you want other soft netted beautiful bride dresses 2013, we still have a simple dress with short sleeves made of lace. This gown is loose enough to allow the dress fall naturally. V neckline with corsage surrounding the waist adds such a luxury scent when you are wearing it. In addition, creamy scheme instead of white applied on this bridal dress looks even better for fall wedding party.

Beautiful Bride Dresses 2013 Image

Wedding Gowns 2012 in Ball Gown Style

Wedding dresses 2013 with mermaid skirt style seems perfect to face a new year. But we have ball gown concept for wedding gowns 2012 to end the year of 2012. It is not possible to throw a wedding ceremony in the end of the year. It is just a unique way to face new 2013 era with husband or wife as a new family member. That’s why to make this moment becoming more special, wedding gown with ball gown concept brings Cinderella gown style back to the future. Well, ball gown dress style is definitely antique in this modern era. But it offers gorgeous concept of elegant fashion style especially in certain occasion such as wedding ceremony.

Wedding Gowns 2012 Ball Gown

The ball gown

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concept of wedding gowns 2012 is rather simple to describe. It is a dress with large dimension of skirt circle. It involves pop accent on the skirt as if it has a big bubble under it. In the past, women need a special toll to keep the gown popping as like flower bud in upside down position. This tool is made of wood which is worn after underwear and corset. Fortunately, recent fashion development doesn’t allow us to repeat the old habit in wearing a gown properly. Some special materials have tough texture to keep the ball gown skirt expanding normally. Wedding dress with ball gown concept comes in various neckline models. It depends on the bride desire and recent fashion style. Strapless dress seems always elegant in ball gown style. It displays more fair skin on the shoulder and neck. Most necklace wedding gowns apply tank top or halter straps. Both straps provide more protection level for us so that we don’t have to worry that the dress will fall unpredictably.

Wedding Gowns 2012 Idea

Wedding Gowns 2012 Collection

Sweetheart neckline offers much sexy accent on every woman in ball gown. This neckline style will look

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adorable if there is a specific embellishment to decorate the surface. If you want more materials to cover your upper skin, soft net sleeves on the wedding gowns 2012 will work as well as the strapless gown. We can embroider little scale of lace to pretty this area.

Wedding Gowns 2012 Satin

Wedding Dresses 2013 Collection

Who says you are not interested to be a bride someday? Well, every woman in the world must be attracted to be a queen in her wedding day no matter what. Many things should be prepared and thought. Many people are required to help this special day preparation including the groom’s and the bride’s family and even their friends. And facing 2013 in just few days to go, wedding dresses 2013 collection should participate to make your wedding day becoming more special and meaningful. As like previous designs of latest wedding dress, bridal dress in 2013 has quite similar concept of classic and contemporary combination.

Wedding Dresses 2013 White

Lace and satin are two basic materials to make a wedding dress whenever it is. Various embellishments are available to beautify the wedding dresses 2013. They may include crystal beads, sparkling glitter, corsage or sewing detail surrounding the dress waist and skirt. All of the recent wedding dresses in 2013 era will look glorious and luxurious. It surely will reach your popularity in the wedding ceremony as a gorgeous queen of the day. Now, we have a strapless wedding gown with mermaid or fishtail skirt model. This gown detail makes your body looks taller. White perfectly dominates the dress from the top to the bottom. To add such sexy curve on this dress, sweetheart neckline supports your strapless wedding dress to show off your feminine asset. From chest to thigh, the wedding dress is completed with spiral detail. It has a special duty emphasizing your slim waist clearer in the dress. A big beautiful corsage is placed in knee area. This beautiful corsage starts the huge circle of fishtail skirt to cover the rest of legs naturally.

Wedding Dresses 2013 Veil

Wedding Dresses 2013 Model

If you want a wedding dress with chapel train, wedding dresses 2013 offers glorious chapel train to follow your movement into the altar. This chapel train is intentionally designed to follow the fish tail skirt on the back side. To complete this chic wedding dress, light veil is attached on your hairstyle with artistic lace to frame the edge. This veil is semi transparent to display your fair skin of the back and neck while you are walking into the altar.

Wedding Dresses 2013 Idea

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