Red Highlights in Dark Brown Hair for Brave Women

As brighter highlight idea for darker hair color scheme, red highlights in dark brown hair looks beautiful under the sun. Red is extremely sexy for women. It may also look brave for some women with dark hair color. It offers a cheerful focal point on every woman hair since it has bright red dye color. Furthermore, red highlight is suitable for every hair type such as hard curly, wavy and straight. We can choose one of three hair lengths such as short, medium and long to apply this hot highlight color.

Red Highlights In Dark Brown Hair Pictures

Let’s start it from straight dark brown hair with red highlight scent. If you want you simple hair looks stylish and fashionable, applying red dye among your dark hair will give such eye catchy detail on it. We can choose some parts of hair where the red highlight is able to apply then. Left and right side of hair from the root on the top to the bottom seems to be the best area to apply the red highlight. Try to dye only several sheets of hair in red color so that they will look smooth and natural in the dark brown hair. Creativity is required in this project if we want something different on the hairstyle. We can try such random application of red highlights in dark brown hair. If you desire, there is another way to make your brown hair becoming more eye catchy. Combine two color schemes or brown and red in different side of hair. For example, we apply the red on the top part of hair and dark brown as natural hair in the bottom or vice versa.

Red Highlights in Dark Brown Hair Simple

Red Highlights in Dark Brown Hair Hot

For better appearance, applying the red highlights on the whole part of hair would be looks natural. In this case, we should ensure that the red color mix the brown hair well. Thus, both color schemes combine as if they were born naturally. The red highlights in dark brown hair can be applied in little scale too. We are able to only apply the red highlight on certain part of the hair such as top head or tips of hair in the bottom.

Red Highlights in Dark Brown Hair Beauty

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