Peacock Feathered Prom Dresses Ideas

Peacock feather has several meanings to represent something in our life. It expresses such luxury, glamour, wisdom, wealth, royal, loyal and highness. No wonder that everything regarding to the peacock feather is always expensive. In addition, peacock is kind exotic bird which has unique feather color and pattern. It comes in green with gold, purple and little red accent on the feather pattern. We can see that peacock feather displays a pattern that looks like an eye. Well, generally, everyone who wears peacock feathered clothes will look so stunning no matter what. Applying this exotic feather in your prom dress list may be perfect idea. The peacock feathered prom dresses would exactly make your appearance adorable among your community.

Peacock Feathered Prom Dress Sample

Since peacock is one of extinct animal which is protected, of course it is forbidden for us to hunt them only for some feathers. Nowadays, high technology has been successfully created fake peacock feather as well as the real one. Furthermore, the peacock feathered prom dresses are not always embellished with peacock feather on every part of dress surface. Peacock feather pattern or motif has even great detail to keep your performance adorable. There are many materials with peacock feather motif to choose such as satin, soft net, cotton, taffeta and many more. Crucial thing that have to know is peacock feathered

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dress doesn’t always involve much accent of peacock feather. Smart and creative dress design will work even better with little accent of this exotic bird feather. We have some samples of those prom dress concepts.

Peacock Feathered Prom Dress Mask

Peacock Feathered Prom Dress Green

The first concept of peacock feathered prom dress offers satin green to dominate the dress scheme. This simple dress is strapless with sweetheart neckline to make it sweet. Green sparkle beads or gems are embellished following the neckline to the side of waist area. Pleated detail is sewed simply following the embellishment. To make this green prom dress luxurious, ball gown dress style is applied. A green bracelet with fake peacock feather embellishment is worn to emphasize the peacock concept of the green satin gown. Other peacock feathered prom dresses are in black with black feather combination for embellishment. It only incorporates little accent of peacock feather on the chest area.

Peacock Feathered Prom Dress Chapel TRain

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