Latest Kaftan Trends for Fashionable Muslim Style

Kaftan is popular nowadays especially in the East countries such as Arabic and Asian. Kaftan is typically a dress

with long or short sleeves. It may be in long or short dress length to follow the wearer desire. Main characteristic of Kaftan is its sleeves design. It is not similar like common dress sleeves design. Kaftan has loosely accent on the sleeves. Well, it is quite difficult to describe it in words. Basically, Kaftan applies sleeves with design as like bat or butterfly wings. For clearer description, we have attached some pictures of the latest Kaftan trends that are enough to help you find out the characteristic of Kaftan well.

Latest Kaftan Trends New

Turkey women prefer to wear Kaftan in some occasions including formal events as like wedding party. The latest Kaftan trends offer casual and formal style to fill our imagination about this East fashion style. Let’s start it from long Kaftan model with colorful material and elegant embellishment choices. In a picture, there are three choices of long Kaftan dress. They come in three different colors such as orange, black and pink. All Kaftan dresses are long sleeved dress with different concept of neckline. V neckline Kaftan can be seen on the orange Kaftan dress. This orange East dress offers renaissance dress accent on the shoulders and the neckline. Purple embroidering with silver details in rhomboid shape looks stunning decorates the chest. Pieces of orange and yellow feathers hanging on the bottom part of rhomboid embellishment. The next Kaftan style is in black. It has round neckline with semi transparent material to display body shape silhouette under it. Round silver embroidering decorates the chest area as like the rhomboid shape of previous Kaftan dress.

Latest Kaftan Trends Image

Latest Kaftan Trends Idea

The third latest Kaftan trends come in pink color scheme. Unlike the two Kaftan dresses in the previous explanation, this pink long Kaftan dress incorporates two different colors to combine. They are pink and black. Unique rhomboid shape is installed to decorate the wearer’s chest. And U neckline looks stylish in black and silver thread. To emphasize the accent of the whole Kaftan, the silver thread frames every single edge of the Kaftan.

Latest Kaftan Trends 2013

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